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Bath Time: Talking Tips

SitterTree babysitter helping kid wash hands during COVID

Bath time is the perfect opportunity for talking with your baby. A lot of babies love the bath and since you need to be constantly engaged with your baby, there are lots of opportunities to talk. Your baby will likely be active and happy in the bath, so use this time to describe their motions and identify their body parts for them.

Conversation starters from Talk With Me Baby

  • “The water is nice and warm. Do you like the water? Look at these bubbles the soap makes. Bubbles are round and go pop! when we touch them.”
  • “Wow! You are making big splashes with your hands! Can you feel the water splashing all around you? Great job moving your arms around to make splashes!”
  • Let’s sit down in the tub. The tub is full of water. You are sitting in the tub!
  • Towels are soft. Do you feel that? We use our towels for drying things off. When you get out of your bath, I’ll use a towel to dry you off. Now let’s get you wrapped up in this towel so you get dry quickly.

Talking Tips are provided by Talk With Me Baby, an Atlanta organization working to bring the concept of language nutrition into public awareness and educate caregivers on the importance of talking with their baby every day, in an effort to close the word gap. 

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