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Church FAQs

What are Sitter Requests?

When joining The Sitter Tree, your church purchases Sitter Requests. Each sitting job of 12 hours or less will reduce your account by one Sitter Request. Your church can earn free Sitter Requests by referring families.

Is there a screening process for the sitters?

As a part of registration, all sitters are required to undergo a thorough background check through Sterling Info Systems, including a nationwide criminal, county criminal, sex offender and motor vehicle record check. Any church may request (and pay for) an additional check for any sitter prior to a job.

Can we obtain W-9 Forms from sitters?

Yes. Your church will be responsible for collecting any required tax forms from a sitter. Keep in mind, sitters may need assistance in correctly completing forms.  We recommend your check-in staff/volunteer remind sitters their check will be mailed to the address listed, unless the church is notified otherwise.

How many sitters should we request?

For safety purposes, The Sitter Tree has a maximum child-to-sitter ratio of two children per sitter (0-12 months) and four children per sitter (12 months+).

How far in advance should we request sitters?

We recommend you submit your request at least one week in advance. Requesting in advance increases the likelihood we will be able to assign your Favorite sitters.

How long should I wait to hear if my request has been filled?

You will receive an email with the name of your sitter as soon as she is assigned. You may also log in and view all upcoming assigned sitters on your dashboard.

What should I do if I need to change or cancel a request?

Changes and/or cancellations may be made at any hour prior to a job Log in to your personal dashboard and view your Upcoming Jobs char to make changes. Once a job has started, you will need to contact your coordinator to make changes. Cancellations made within 12 hours of the scheduled start time will not be refunded.

Can The Sitter Tree provide sitters for our Community Groups?

Yes. Maximum child-to-sitter ratios apply.  Each group should register as a separate Church account. Email to inquire about payment options reimbursements and other group-related questions.

Who is the Assigning Coordinator?

The Assigning Coordinator is a rotating position managed by The Sitter Tree full-time coordinators.  Contact the Assigning Coordinator for any upcoming job-related questions or concerns.  You can find contact information for your coordinator, as well as the Assigning Coordinator under the Contact on your dashboard menu.

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