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Family FAQs

What are Sitter Requests?

Sitter Requests are our placement fees. When joining The Sitter Tree, your family purchases Sitter Requests based on your unique sitting needs. Each Sitter Request may be used to book a sitter for up to 12 consecutive hours. Families may also earn one bonus Sitter Request when any family you refer requests their first sitter.

How are sitters paid?

Each family will pay the sitter directly. All sitters accept cash. Many sitters also use Venmo or CashApp. See the sitter’s profile for accepted payment methods.

Is there a screening process for the sitters?

All sitters are required to undergo a thorough background check through Sterling Info Systems, including nationwide criminal, county criminal, sex offender and motor vehicle checks. Any family may request (and pay for) an additional check for a sitter prior to a job. Background checks take up to three days to receive results. In addition, each sitter is required to provide three references, which are available upon request.

How far in advance should I request a sitter?

We recommend submitting sitter requests three days in advance, but no more than two weeks.  Sitters often do not apply for jobs more than two weeks in advance. While The Sitter Tree fills 99.9% of jobs, requesting in advance may increase the likelihood of being assigned a Favorite sitter.

Will I be assigned the same sitter for every job?

Consistency is our #1 goal in assigning. However, sitter schedules change due to class/exam schedules, extracurricular activities, other sitting jobs. To increase consistency in your sitter assignments:

  1. 1. Be kind. Our sitters list “kindness” as the thing they value most.
  2. 2. Request at least three days in advance.
  3. 3. Review your sitters. Favorite sitters receive special notifications and pay more attention to jobs with Favorite families.

Can The Sitter Tree provide me with a consistent weekly sitter?

The Sitter Tree specializes in occasional babysitting for date nights, doctor’s appointments, work meetings, mom’s mornings out, etc.  Families may request a weekly sitter for 1-2 days per week.  Weekly requests are filled based on sitter schedules.  We recommend submitting weekly requests two weeks in advance of the start date.  The job will remain posted for one week.  If no sitters apply, we will make suggested changes to increase your chances of finding a sitter, or you will be refunded for any unused portion of your membership.

Does The Sitter Tree guarantee that all of my sitter requests will be filled?

While The Sitter Tree fills 99.9% of jobs, including last-minute jobs, we do not guarantee requests will be filled. We do guarantee we will try our best! For weekly jobs, if we are unable to fill your request, you will have the option to be refunded for any unused portion of your membership.

How long should I wait to hear if my request has been filled?

Most sitter requests are assigned within 24 hours. You will receive an email with the name of your sitter as soon as she is assigned. Members may also log in and view the status of all upcoming jobs on their personal dashboard.

What if my sitter cancels?

We all know cancellations happen. In the case of a sitter cancellation, The Sitter Tree will make every effort to assign an alternate sitter. In the case of last-minute cancellations due to emergency or illness, our community of sitters will be notified and we will work with the family to make the next-best arrangement. We cannot guarantee we will be able to assign an alternate sitter, but we can guarantee we will make every effort.

What should I do if I need to cancel or request a sitter on short notice?

Each family has a personal dashboard for changes and cancellations. This is the best place to cancel or make changes! Once a family cancels or makes changes to any job on their dashboard, both the sitter and coordinator will be immediately notified.

Will I be charged for canceling a job?

Sitter Requests will not be refunded for cancellations made within 12 hours of the scheduled start time. In addition, cancellations made within three hours will incur a late termination fee paid directly to the sitter. Each family will be responsible to directly compensate the sitter via Venmo. Termination Fees should be paid to the sitter within 24 hours of the job start time:

  1. $25 – Cancellations made within 3 hours of job start
  2. $35 – Cancellations made within 1 hour of job start

What if we want to stay out later? Come home earlier?

Our sitters are generally happy to stay longer at your home. Please call and ask if the sitter is okay to stay later, as she may have made other plans. If yes, please pay the sitter for the additional time. If you happen to come home earlier than the time requested, we require all families to pay for the full amount of time originally requested. Our sitters have set this time aside for your family we want to be sure they are compensated accordingly.

May I meet my sitter in advance?

Yes. We encourage any family requesting a weekly sitter to do so. However, the three-hour minimum charge applies to all advance sitter meetings.  We recognize it is essential for each family to be comfortable with their sitter; however, we also want to respect our sitters’ time.

Does The Sitter Tree insure sitters to drive my children/pets?

No. While many of our sitters do drive for our families, The Sitter Tree does not insure any sitter to drive. Sitters act as independent contractors and assume any responsibility for driving children or pets. Families requesting driving should state this and include applicable details in the job notes. Sitters will view the notes when deciding whether or not to apply for the job.

Can The Sitter Tree provide sitters for weddings or parties?

Yes. Depending on the age of children, there is a maximum of two children per sitter (0-12 months) and four children per sitter (12 months+).

Does The Sitter Tree provide sitters on holidays?

Yes. We recommend submitting holiday Sitter Request one week in advance. Keep in mind, sitters often prefer longer hours on holidays.

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