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Learning Assistants

Learning Assistant

What is a Learning Assistant?

A personal academic champion.

Learning Assistants are sitters who encourage, engage and inspire your child(ren) during virtual schooling. They serve as a peer, friend, and non-parental guide - for everyone's emotional well-being!

Learning Assistants are not meant to lead your child's education; rather to support it. They do not provide supplemental study guides.


What is the difference between a sitter and a Learning Assistant?

Learning Assistants provide support for virtual learning. In addition, they can also fill the role of sitter once daily learning objectives are finished.

Many sitters applying for Learning Assistant roles have experience in helping with homework, as teacher's aides, or are majoring in education-related fields of study; such as early childhood development.  SitterTree is actively creating more tools to help identify individual sitter credentials.


Can I book the same Learning Assistant every day?

Consistency is our #1 goal. However, sitter schedules change due to class/exam schedules, extracurricular activities, other jobs. To increase your likelihood of booking a consistent sitter:

  • Be kind. Our sitters say “kindness” is the thing they value most.
  • Post jobs in advance.
  • If your goal is to maintain a regular schedule, post jobs for a semester at a time.
  • Review sitters and select Favorites. Favorite sitters are notified first when your family posts a job.


Can I book a Learning Assistant for my pod, small group, or friend group?

Absolutely! For the safety of our sitters, all participating families must be verified SitterTree members and have an active Sitter Pass.

A few additional notes:

  • Limited to four children per Learning Assistant.
  • Families are responsible for reimbursing each other.
  • ALL participating families must have an active Sitter Pass ($30/mo).


Can I interview my Learning Assistant in advance?

will need to select a sitter for at least one day in order to have access to interview her. You will have 24 hours to interview the sitter so sitters are not delayed from applying to other jobs.

If you would like to meet a Learning Assistant in person, our three-hour minimum charge will apply.  We recognize it is essential for each family to be comfortable with their sitter; we also want to respect our sitters’ time.


How far in advance should I book my Learning Assistant?

As far out as you can feasibly manage. If your hope is to offer a consistent, weekly job, we recommend posting a month in advance.  Check the status of your posting any time in your Upcoming Jobs.  We'll also notify you as sitters begin to apply.


Can I share my Learning Assistant with a neighbor?

Absolutely! We call this model 'Sitter Share.'  For the safety of our sitters, we require all participating families to be SitterTree verified members and to have an active Sitter Pass.

A few additional notes:

  • Sitter Sharing is limited to four children per Learning Assistant.
  • Sitter Share families are responsible for reimbursing each other.
  • ALL participating families must have an active Sitter Pass ($30/mo).


What should I pay my Learning Assistant?

We recommend $20/hr or many families are offering up to $25-30/hr for Learning Assistants.

While SitterTree fills more than 99% of job postings, we cannot guarantee sitters will apply to your job. Sitter applications depend on your posted hourly rate, sitter schedules, and requirements for your job.


Are payments to Learning Assistants tax-deductible?

While we do not offer specific tax advice, paying for child care while you work is often accepted as a tax deduction. Please consult a tax professional for specific advice.

Also, many FSA programs offer tax-free childcare reimbursements. Again, consult with a tax professional for specific advice.


What is SitterTree Support?

SitterTree Support is a team of local coordinators available to assist all members with questions regarding bookings, cancellations, and membership.

SitterTree Support is available seven days per week.