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Selecting Providers

Self-Selecting Providers

What to expect when you're selecting. 😉

#1 Expect the same level of caring support - we’re here to help.

    1. Schedule a Demo
      Our Support team would love to provide hands-on help for you. Schedule a virtual demo with a Support Specialist.
    2. Download the app
      While you may want to post jobs from a computer, features like chat and paying and reviewing multiple providers at once were developed specifically for the app. 
    3. Use Stats and Badges to help select the right provider
      You can tell a lot about a provider from their past performance and certifications. Look for providers with a good rating, great reviews, and few last-minute cancellations. Need help deciphering stats or badges in the app - click any icon for a hint. 🙂
    4. Last-minute cancellation/No-shows
      Providers must cancel the job in the app in order for the job to be reposted. If the provider fails to do so, post a new job. This will trigger new notifications to go out to all sitters so new applicants will apply to your job. Then, indicate the provider was a no-show when reviewing hours. We know certain days/times are busier than others. If you need Support to assist you in posting a new job, call or text at any time.


Ready to get started? Here's how it works:

  • Post your jobs as usual. Note: posting in advance and posting competitive hourly rates, especially on holidays like Easter, will result in more applicants.
  • Once your job is posted, Favorite providers will be notified. Other providers will not receive a special notification, but they will be able to view your job and apply.
  • Turn on app notifications so you can stay informed when your first provider applies, when your Favorite provider applies, as well as other key times. 
  • Log in to view applicants for your job at any time. Your Favorites will be listed first if they have applied.
  • View profiles to learn more about each provider’s child care experience and to read reviews from other families, churches and schools. 
  • Pay special attention to a provider's rating, number of times the provider has been selected as a Favorite, and distance from your location when making your selection.
  • When you’re ready, select your provider. Once a provider has been booked, use the in-app chat feature to securely communicate via message or phone.


Tips for selecting like a pro:

    1. Post jobs in advance
      We recommend posting a full month’s worth of jobs at one time. (i.e. Post all of April’s jobs during the last week of March.) This will increase consistency as your providers will block off their schedule for your jobs.
    2. Select and rank Favorite providers
      The easiest way to book consistent providers is to select Favorites. Every time you post a job, your Favorites receive a notification so they can apply.
    3. Turn on auto-select for Favorites - Web Only until Apr 1st
      Did you know you can rank your Favorite sitters? Once you have ranked your favorites, visit Settings to turn on Auto-select. Once your job has been posted for three hours, we’ll automatically book the top-ranked Favorite applicant. This gives providers time to apply and guarantees you don’t lose out on booking your favorites!
    4. Don’t wait until the last minute to book providers
      Providers will be applying to multiple jobs - they want to work. For most jobs, we recommend booking your provider sooner than later. Keep in mind, providers may not wake up early to see if they are booked for a job that morning.