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Handwashing Challenge

Child washing hands during quarantine - SitterTree

Hey Kids! SitterTree needs your help to support the child care needs of medical professionals in our city. These Atlanta heroes are away from their families for long hours. They are doing really important work, saving lives.

You can help SitterTree ensure that while these mommies and daddies are at work, their kids are safe and having a great time at home.

Here’s what we can do:

SitterTree will donate a FREE booking for every Facebook or Instagram story showing a kid (hey, that’s you), babysitter, or even mom or dad washing their hands and singing their favorite #handwashing song.

Be sure to use #handwashingsong and tag @sittertree to qualify your story. 
Stories shared on more than one platform will qualify as one entry. 

Here’s what else we can do:

SitterTree is also partnering with our members, like your mom and dad, businesses, and congregations to purchase Sitter Bucks Gift Cards for these medical heroes.

Since schools have closed, safe, reliable child care is really hard to find. It’s a good thing SitterTree has a really big group of cool babysitters who are ready to play!

When your mom or dad purchases a Sitter Bucks Gift Card, they not only will save our heroes money, but they will also be showing support to our really cool, hard-working babysitters.

What do you say? Are you ready to start washing?

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