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Sitter FAQs

What does it cost me to be a part of The Sitter Tree?

The cost to join The Sitter Tree community is a little bit of time (registering) and about $30 for a background check. Once you are approved, you only pay when you receive a job. Sitter fees are prepaid, so in order to be assigned, you will also have to load your balance (starting at $15) to be assigned.

What is the cost of receiving a job?

Sitters pay a small fee for every job assigned. Sitter fees are intended to reduce sitter cancellations (you cancel, you lose your fee) and to pay your wonderful coordinators for getting you each job! For one-time jobs, sitter fees are equal to 10% job wages. The average fee is $5. For weekly jobs, the fee per sitter agreement is the lesser of 10% job wages or $50. If a sitter and family renew a weekly agreement, a new fee will be charged.

Do I have to complete a background check?

All sitters are required to undergo a background check through Sterling Info Systems, including nationwide and county criminal checks, sex offender check and motor vehicle record check. Sitters are responsible for the cost of their initial background check. Background checks take up to three days to receive results.

Am I guaranteed to be assigned a lot of jobs?

Your coordinator will be working to introduce you to new families the moment you are approved. The amount of jobs you receive depends on your ratings, your availability and being selected as a Favorite sitter.

How do I confirm a job?

Once assigned, check your assignment text/email to see the family’s confirmation preference (text/phone). Contact the family within 24 hours to confirm the date, time and location of the job. (Not after 9pm) Then, visit your upcoming jobs on your dashboard and tell your coordinator how you confirmed. Jobs not confirmed within 24 hours may be reassigned to an alternate sitter. Job fees will not be refunded.

What if I need to cancel a job?

Cancellations affect the reputation of our entire community of sitters.  Cancellations are reserved for illness or emergency only, and should be made as far in advance of a job as possible.  Cancellations should be made on a sitter’s dashboard, not by contacting the family.  In the case of last-minute cancellations, the sitter should contact the Assigning Coordinator after canceling on the dashboard. See Sitter Terms of Service for related cancellation fees.

What is the deal with Favorite sitters?

Favorite sitters are contacted first about any future job posted by a family who selects her as a Favorite. Favorite sitters have three hours to respond, except in the case of last-minute jobs. If no Favorite has been assigned within three hours, the job will be posted for all sitters.

I am a Favorite sitter, so why didn’t I get the job?

Each family may favorite as many sitters as they would like, which means a family may have multiple Favorite sitters. If the job is already assigned within the first three hours, it was assigned to another Favorite.

What if a family tries to schedule directly with me?

Private scheduling is a no-no. You may confirm your availability, but ask the family to book the job through The Sitter Tree. This also applies to weekly family assignments (if a family is requesting an additional day). Any family or sitter who privately schedules may be charged a referral fee of up to $300.

Am I expected to clean the whole house?

No, but you are expected to clean as you go. In addition, we ask sitters to serve our families by doing one extra thing (empty or load the dishwasher, fold laundry, tidy the playroom). Be a 5-Star sitter and leave each home better than you found it.

How do sitter ratings work?

Families have the opportunity to rate their sitter after each job. Families are prompted to rate sitters based upon their overall experience, on-time arrival, readiness to engage, sitter professional dress, communication skills, and chemistry with the kids. Each sitter’s overall rating is an average of family ratings from past jobs and their coordinator’s rating. Any sitter dropping below a 4-star average rating will not be assigned.

Do sitters rate families?

Sitters have the opportunity to rate every job. Families will not see your star rating, but they may see your comments. Providing sitter professional feedback can set you apart from other sitters. Feedback is a great way to share with a family and your coordinator what you did during a job, address any issues you experienced with the children (health, disciplinary), or note any ways the job did not go as planned (family returned home late, you weren’t paid correctly, etc). Most of all, feedback is a great way to provide helpful hints to other future sitters. You will appreciate the same benefit when you are assigned to a new family.

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