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Jobs & Ratings

Jobs & Ratings

Am I guaranteed jobs?

SitterTree does not guarantee jobs nor require sitters work any number of jobs.  Sitters are encouraged to apply for as many jobs as possible to increase the likelihood of being booked.


How do I confirm a job?

After you are booked for a job, we'll send you  a notification to log in and review all job details. You can click confirm and then start chatting with the family or group. Failing to confirm job details within 12 hours may result in the job being reposted for other sitters to apply. Cancellation fees will apply.


What is a Favorite sitter and how do I become one?

Favorite sitters are just that - the preferred sitters for a family or group. Each family or group may have multiple Favorite sitters. Each time the family or group posts a job, their Favorite sitters have the option to receive a special notification.


I am a Favorite sitter, so why didn’t I get the job?

Each family or group may select multiple Favorite sitters. If you receive a notification for a job but do not see the job listed in the app, it is likely another Favorite sitter was booked.


What if a family or group tries to schedule directly with me?

Families and groups pay a Finders Fee to continue booking sitters introduced on the app. Sitters benefit from booking jobs on the app. We recommend you confirm your availability and request the family or group post a job to book you through the app.


What if a family asks to meet me before a job?

Most often families will not request to meet sitters in person. Rather, they will call or chat with sitters using the app. Families booking a recurring sitter may prefer to meet you in person. We recommend you ask them to post a job on the app so you are paid for your time.


What's expected of me on the job?

Sitters earn higher ratings (and are often selected as a Favorite sitter) for cleaning up after all activities, including meals, you participate in while at a family home or group facility. Go above and beyond by doing something extra around the house (i.e. fold a load of laundry) while the kids are sleeping. The SitterTree app is intended for booking your child care services. We suggest discussing and agreeing to additional services in advance of your job with the family or group.

How do ratings work?

Sitters, families, and groups may submit a rating after each job.  Families and groups are prompted to rate sitters based upon their overall experience, on-time arrival, ability to follow directions, sitter-professional dress, communication, and engagement. Each sitter’s overall rating is an average of ratings from past jobs. Sitters must maintain a minimum 4.5 star rating to continue accessing the app.


Do sitters rate families and groups?

Yes. Providing detailed feedback can set you apart from other sitters. Leaving comments in your review is a great way to share about activities as well as note any challenges that came up during your job. Reviews are also a great way to provide helpful hints to other sitters who may work for the family or group. You may choose to mark any review as private if you do not want the family or group to see it.


What is SitterTree Support?

SitterTree Support provides assistance to users as it relates to posting, booking, paying and receiving payment, and reviewing jobs on the app. SitterTree does not provide any direction or advise regarding how to carry out child care services.