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Payment & Fees

Payment & Fees

How much will I earn?

Sitters earn an hourly rate set by the family or church for each job, less applicable fees. Hourly rates vary per job and sitters are responsible to view all job details prior to applying.


What fees are deducted from sitter wages?

There are two types of fees deducted from every job: a referral fee and a Stripe account fee.


What are referral fees?

Referral fees are fees paid to SitterTree to cover the cost of running our platform and providing SitterTree Support to users.  Referral fees are based on a percentage of the sitter wage, excluding any tip.


What are Stripe account fees?

Stripe account fees are fees SitterTree pays Stripe to maintain active accounts for sitters and to pay out money to sitters.  A small portion of these fees are charged to sitters.


What does it cost me to be a part of SitterTree?

There is no upfront cost to join SitterTree. All sitters will be charged a fee to cover the cost of their background check.  This fee will be deducted from the sitter's first job.


Will I be charged for canceling a job?

Yes, you will be charged the following rates for cancellations:

  • $10 – Cancellation made anytime after assignment
  • $20 – Cancellation made within 12 hours of job start
  • $25 – Cancellations made within 3 hours of job start
  • $35 – Cancellations made within 1 hour of job start
  • $45 – Cancellation made after a job has started

An additional $5 fee will be charged for cancellations made direct to a family rather than on the app.


What if I am late to a job?

Arriving on time for any job is important. Babysitting is no different. You will be charged a $5 fee for arriving late to any job. If the job was scheduled for less than three hours, you will forfeit the 3-hour minimum payment and will be paid for the time you are present at the job. If a family chooses to cancel because you are late, you will forfeit the late-cancellation fee from the family.


How do I receive payment for my jobs?

After completing a job, sitters have 24 hours to submit the start and end times for the job. Sitters should submit actual start and end times for each job to ensure they are paid correctly.  Families are required to pay sitters the full amount of time booked, even if the job ends early.  In addition, sitters will be compensated for additional time worked if a family requests to extend the hours of a job.

After a sitter submits hours, families have 24 hours (churches 48 hours) to confirm payment and add a tip or to dispute payment.  Once payment is confirmed, SitterTree will charge the family/church and deposit the payment to your sitter account, less applicable fees for each job completed. Payment disputes may cause delays.


Will SitterTree withhold taxes for me?

No.  SitterTree does not employ any sitter.  All sitters act as Independent Contractors.  By January 31st of each year, SitterTree will provide a Form 1099 to any sitter who earned $600 or more during the previous calendar year.


Can SitterTree provide an employment verification or act as a reference for me?

No.  SitterTree does not employ any sitter. As such, we cannot verify employment or serve as a reference.  


What if a family tries to schedule directly with me?

Confirm your availability, but ask the family to book the job through SitterTree. This also applies to weekly jobs (if a family is requesting an additional day). Any family or sitter who privately schedules may be charged a non-circumvention fee of up to $300.


Instant Payouts


How fast is “instant”?

Nearly 6,000 banks in the US support Instant Payouts and in practice, ~99% of payouts are available within minutes. Due to differences across banks, the other 1% are usually available within a few hours or the next 1-2 business days.


Are there any fees to request an Instant Payout?

Yes, you will be charged 3% per Instant Payout.  In addition, you must transfer at least $.50.


Are Instant Payouts available outside of the U.S.?

No, Instant Payouts are currently only available to service providers with debit cards issued by U.S. banks.


Finally, please note that the Connect Platform Agreement includes special terms for Instant Payouts, and your continued use of this new feature means that you accept and agree to this updated version of the Agreement.