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Meal Time – Talking Tips

SitterTree sitter feeding a baby

No matter how you are feeding your baby, meal time is a great time to talk, because your baby is especially focused on you. Talk with your baby and describe foods and sensations they experience. 

Conversation Starters for Meal Time

  • “Are you feeling hungry? Let’s get you into your chair so you can eat. I’m going to pick you up and put you in your chair. Ready? 1, 2,
    3…UP WE GO!”
  • “That was a big bite! Chew it all up before you swallow it. Would you like another bite? No? All done? Okay, we’re all done with eating
    our meal.”
  • It’s time to eat! Would you like to eat some (favorite food)? You like that, don’t you? Let’s try eating some of this.
  • I know you are hungry. Here is your milk. Let me hold you while you drink your milk. Would you like some milk? What is in your bottle? Is it milk?
  • Would you like some more? Oh yes, you want some more, let me get you some more. Can you eat some more? Here, let’s try to eat two more bites. Do you like that? Do you want more?
  • An apple is a fruit. I’m going to cut up some fruit for our snack. This fruit is red and crunchy. Would you like for me to peel this fruit for you? Fruits are sweet and delicious.
  • What is making you upset? Are you hungry? Here, let’s eat this food. Then you won’t be hungry. Are you still hungry? Would you like some more to eat? You must not be hungry! You won’t eat a single thing.

Talking Tips are provided by Talk With Me Baby, an Atlanta organization working to bring the concept of language nutrition into public awareness and educate caregivers on the importance of talking with their baby every day, in an effort to close the word gap. 

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