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Our Team


Jody Stephenson

Sandusky, OH | Oglethorpe University

Fun Fact: When Jody was in 6th Grade, she won an ice-cream eating contest (no hands) in front of the whole school, defeating a 7th Grade boy, 8th Grade boy and the football coach.


Victoria Donnelly

Damascus, MD | Emory University

Fun Fact: Victoria's birthday is on Groundhog’s Day. She always gets asked whether or not she can see her shadow. A major fan of Thanksgiving food - you can find her cooking a full-on turkey dinner throughout the year.

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Kelsey Rheney

Avondale Estates, GA | Georgia State University

Fun Fact: Kelsey loves Halloween season, from autumn leaves to ghoulish costumes. On Sunday nights, you'll find her volunteering as a youth advisor at Decatur Presbyterian Church. She's visited about 1/2 of the United States with a goal to hit 30 states by age 30!

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Lauren Barr

Tifton, GA | Kennesaw State University

Fun Fact: Lauren is a city girl to the core. Ironically, she is from a town named Cowpens. A former college athlete, Lauren recently hung up her cleats in exchange for grip socks to wear to her favorite pilates classes!


Jessie Reuben-Lartey

Accra, Ghana | Kennesaw State University

Fun Fact: Jessie enjoys event planning, and is always planning and coordinating events for friends and family. She also enjoy traveling and plans to visit at least two countries on each continent in the next 5 years.


Dashea Carter

Atlanta, GA | Georgia State University

Fun Fact: Dashea is a Lead Teacher at the Suzuki School. She loves interior decorating and has completely designed several rooms in her friends/families homes.  She also loves singing in church with her family and going on mission trips!


Anokhi Patel

Atlanta, GA | Kennesaw State University

Fun Fact: Anokhi is a SitterTree Coordinator by day... and also a member of the Braves Tomahawk Team. She loves traveling, airplanes and airports. Anokhi want to see and experience all this world has to offer!