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Vacation Bible School themes: Top picks for 2024

To create an unforgettable summer experience at your church, picking the right vacation bible school theme is where the magic (and fun!) begins. Think of vacation bible school themes like treasure chests, each filled with unique stories, crafts, and lessons to help grow faith in young hearts.

Vacation bible school themes set the stage for spiritual growth that kids will carry long after summer ends. With options ranging from exploring ancient biblical times to embarking on modern-day missions of kindness, every theme carries its own unique flavor and distinct theological value.

5 Vacation Bible School themes that nurture faith in young hearts

1. Treasure Island: Seeking God’s Word

Set sail for Treasure Island, where children embark on a quest for the greatest treasure of all: God’s Word. This pirate adventure vacation bible school theme teaches kids the value of biblical truths and the joy of God's promises. Activities and lessons can be designed around treasuring the teachings of the Bible.  Treasure Island makes for an engaging VBS experience that will instill a lifelong love of Scripture.

2. Jungle Safari: Exploring God’s Creation

Invite young adventurers on a journey through the landscape of God’s creation with the Jungle Safari theme. This vacation bible school theme encourages children to explore the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Plus, it teaches the importance of environmental stewardship. Activities and Bible stories highlight the connection between all living things...and the responsibility we have to care for them. This theme is perfect for lessons on creation, gratitude, and conservation.

3. Superheroes of Faith

Unleash the power of faith with a Superheroes VBS theme! Children will discover biblical heroes who faced adversity with strength. This theme highlights the faith and perseverance—showing kids they can be heroes in their own lives. With capes and courage, lessons focus on the strength we receive from God and how we can face our own challenges with confidence.

4. Time Travelers: Journey Through the Bible

Take your VBS kids on a time-traveling adventure through the Bible's most pivotal moments. This journey brings Bible stories to life, as children discover the power of God’s Word across time and space. By witnessing God's hand at work throughout history, children will learn about the reality of God's eternal presence, His unchanging love, and His plan for humanity—all while enjoying the sci-fi thrill of time travel.

5. Kingdom Builders: Constructing Lives of Faith

Inspire young architects of faith with the Kingdom Builders theme. This construction theme teaches about wisdom, service, and commitment, showing children how they can contribute to God’s kingdom through their actions and choices. Activities focus on teamwork, creativity, and the joy of building something lasting with God as the ultimate architect. This Vacation Bible School theme helps children to see themselves as active participants in their faith journey.

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Choosing the right Vacation Bible School theme for your church

So you have the inspiration for your vacation bible school theme for 2024. Great start! Now, how do you select the perfect theme for your church? Step one: don’t stress. Step two: Follow these tips:

  • Consider your church's unique needs. What has worked well in the past? Has God put any particular themes on your heart? Remember: you’re the one making this decision for a reason, so trust your instincts!
  • Practically speaking, you’ll need to consider the age groups your Vacation Bible School will serve. The Time Traveler’s theme may be a great fit for middle or older elementary school students, but could be confusing for younger children.
  • Consider what resources are available to you. Do you already have supplies, equipment, or decor on-hand that lend themselves to a particular theme? If so, get creative and repurpose away! Reusing materials and keeping your budget in check is a win-win.
  • How many volunteers will you need to make the theme of your dreams a reality? It’s important not to go overboard, but you can still create a meaningful experience for your students without spreading your team too thin. Think about your volunteer to student ratio by age group, and how many volunteers each unique activity will require. Of course, if you need extra hands, consider a church child care platform like SitterTree. On the app, you’ll find background-checked child care providers to assist with your VBS activities and more.

Now that you have a Vacation Bible School theme selected...

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