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5 flexible side jobs for preschool teachers

a preschool teacher builds with blocks with a child

Earn extra income with these side jobs for preschool teachers

Working as a preschool teacher is a fulfilling, important job. But the truth is, many preschool teachers could use a little extra cash. Thankfully, there are flexible side jobs to choose from to supplement your income. As a teacher, you have so many unique skills that can be leveraged for a range of part-time work.

Check out out these five side hustles for preschool teachers. These jobs will likely work with your schedule, help expand your skillset, and put a little cushion in your bank account. 

1. Tutoring

Tutoring is a natural fit for many people with education experience. By becoming a tutor, you'll enjoy focused time with individual students or in small group environment—something that's hard to come by in bustling preschool classrooms! Not to mention, tutoring allows you to provide specialized coaching for a subject you love.

First, consider what type of tutoring you'll offer. Private, in-home tutoring sessions are a favorite for many teachers. Alternatively, you can apply to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. To get started with ESL, try a platform like VIPKid.

To connect with parents in need of tutoring services, join local parent and neighborhood Facebook Groups. Or, consider networking with parents at your preschool who may have older children.

2. Kids' party entertainment

Do you have an upbeat, entrepreneurial spirit? Bring that big classroom energy to the party scene business. Many parents go all out for birthday parties by booking entertainers. To get in on the fun, offer face painting, balloon animals, storytelling, or even themed parties inspired by your favorite preschool activities. 

Don't be afraid to get creative and try something different. For instance, reptile shows, parachute games, or dinosaur digs. The options are endless! What's more, a change-up from the classics can help you get booked fast. To start, connect with other entertainers who have a full schedule and can refer you to clients.

a student completes an educational worksheet created by a teather

3. Create & sell educational materials

Many teachers and homeschool parents actively seek lesson plans, worksheets, and educational guides for their students. Put your expertise to use by designing curriculum materials. For example, create flashcards, activity books, or learning games. There are many learning styles you can cater your materials to. We recommend creating lesson plans that align with your educational philosophy, like encouraging nature play or exploring new books. Then, sell your materials on platforms like Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers.

Have the content, but not sure where to start with the design? Canva is an online graphic design software known for it's ease-of-use. Not to mention: they offer a free plan just for educators.

4. Concierge services

As a preschool teacher, we're willing to bet your organizational skills are top-notch. Leverage this skillset by offering a concierge service—like grocery shopping, running errands, or picking up dry cleaning. Platforms like Instacart, Uber, or Favor can connect you with local jobs. This option is great for teachers who are feeling a little touched-out or could use a bit of quiet time. 

5. Babysitting or nannying

Looking to spend more time doing what you love—working with kids? Try babysitting or nannying. By babysitting, you can work one-off jobs on evenings and weekends as needed. Want something more consistent? Many families seek part-time nannies to fill in the gaps with work, other children, and pick-up or drop-off at activities.

Teachers love up-and-coming child care apps like SitterTree, where there are an abundance of flexible babysitting and nanny jobs. You can even book sub jobs at other preschools on your days off. Or, try out other types of child care, like in church nurseries. On SitterTree, you always get paid within 24 hours. Certainly, that's a win-win for everyone!

preschool teacher reads to child

Ready to book babysitting side jobs?

Babysitting provides the perfect combo of working with kids and creating a schedule that works for your life—a must for most preschool teachers. However, it can be a challenge to find the right babysitting or nanny jobs with families you love. If this is the side hustle you'd like to try, SitterTree makes it easy to start earning fast. In addition, there are no membership fees or monthly commitments, and you can begin viewing jobs near you the same day you sign up.

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