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Children’s Ministry curriculums: Top 10 picks for 2024

Are you looking for the best Children's Ministry curriculum for your church? With so many options, it can be a challenge to decide which is the right fit for your church. Besides—the ‘best’ Children’s Ministry curriculum for your church may not be the best for someone else’s!

To help you on your search, we’ve compiled the top recommended Children's Ministry curriculums for 2024 all into one place. From budget-friendly options to programs made for diverse learning styles, you’ll find a Children’s Ministry curriculum that meets your unique needs.

Before getting started, we recommend identifying the age groups your curriculum will need to serve, as well as any technology requirements. The good news is: many curriculums offer both print and digital materials, as well as sample lessons or free trials! Read on to discover the best curriculums for your Children’s Ministry.

Top 10 Children's Ministry Curriculums for 2024

1. Orange Curriculum

Age Range: Preschool, elementary, preteen, adult

Orange Curriculum offers a comprehensive approach that integrates the influences of both church and family to foster spiritual growth in children. With resources for every age group— including preschool, elementary, and preteen and beyond—Orange Curriculum emphasizes building strong relationships and partnering with parents in the spiritual development of children. You can begin a one-month free trial at their website.

2. Marty Machowski’s Gospel Story Curriculum

Age Range: Preschool, lower elementary, upper elementary

A favorite among Children’s Ministry leaders, the Gospel Story Curriculum focuses on Christ as it teaches preschool through sixth-grade children key stories from Genesis to Malachi that highlight God’s plan of redemption. This unique 3-year long curriculum grows with children by exploring the same Bible stories at three different learning levels, presenting the material in a fresh way each time to help children grow in their understanding of the Bible. Every year children learn a slightly longer version of each passage.

3. Gospel Light

Age Range: Nursery, preschool, elementary, pre-teen 

Gospel Light provides dynamic and age-appropriate curriculum solutions for children's ministry, ranging from infants to preteens. Their curriculum focuses on teaching biblical truths through creative storytelling, hands-on activities, and interactive lessons that capture children's imagination and foster a love for God's Word.

4. Answers in Genesis

Age Range: Pre-K to adult

Answers Bible Curriculum brings the Bible to life! Toddlers will learn five important Bible truths, preparing them for a more structured preschool classroom. Then from Pre-K on, this exciting curriculum covers the entire Bible chronologically in four years (200 lessons), providing a powerful overview of God’s Word.

5. The Gospel Project

Age Range: Preschool, kids, students, adults

The Gospel Project from LifeWay offers a curriculum for preschoolers, kids, students, and even adults. With print and digital materials, you can customize your experience for your ministry’s needs. You can try a unit of The Gospel Project for free at their website. Also, if you’re a church plant or a new church in your first two years of operation, you may be eligible for a special discount.

6. Great Commission Publications (Show Me Jesus)

Age Range: Nursery, preschool, elementary

Another favorite among Youth Pastors and Kid’s Ministry leaders, Great Commission Publications offers curriculum for little disciples as young as toddlers all the way through teenagers. From Genesis to Revelation, Great Commission Publications materials present Jesus Christ as the Revealer of the Father and the Savior of his people. Children are pointed to Jesus to know and trust him.

7. New City Catechism

Age Range: Ages 8-11

The New City Catechism Curriculum features 52 engaging lessons developed from the questions and answers of The New City Catechism, designed to help children ages 8–11 learn the core doctrines of the Christian faith in a Sunday school, classroom, or homeschool setting. With printed materials, in addition to a mobile and web app, this curriculum can adapt to your ministry’s preferences. The app also includes kid-friendly songs designed to help children memorize the entire catechism.

8. Teach Me To Worship

Age Range: Ages 4-11

Teach Me to Worship curriculum presents and explains common elements of worship that the universal church has used throughout the ages. The material is available in PDF format, allowing ministry leaders to download and print the material according to their schedule and need. A subscription includes unlimited access to the curriculum, handouts and activities for the children, letters to parents, training videos and worship music. Smaller churches say the curriculum is affordably priced, and other churches like that it’s user-friendly. 

9. One Story Ministries

Age Range: Children's, youth, adult


One Story Ministries offers curriculum for all ages, but their Children’s Sunday School curriculum, Investigating God’s Word, was designed for grades K-6. The curriculum covers all of God’s Word, from Genesis to Revelation, in a systematic way. Each quarter includes 13 lessons for a total of 52 weeks each year. You can download sample lessons here

10. Awana

Age Range: Ages 2-18

Awana is renowned for its interactive and engaging curriculum designed to guide children through scripture memorization, games, and small group activities. With a focus on building a strong foundation in God's Word, Awana offers curriculum options for different age groups and settings, including churches, schools, and homeschools. They also offer weekend curriculum on their Brite platform. You can try a month-long series for free here.


11. D6 Everyday Foundations

Age Range: Nursery, preschool, elementary, teen, adult

D6 Everyday Foundations provides the small group and Sunday School Bible studies designed for all ages, with a particular emphasis on fostering family interaction and learning through shared biblical themes. They offer free samples for each age range on their website.

12. Group Publishing

Group Publishing offers a variety of curriculum options designed to meet the specific needs of children's ministry leaders and pastors. Whether you're looking for thematic studies, seasonal curriculum, or customizable resources, Group Publishing provides curriculum solutions that engage children, empower leaders, and transform lives through the power of God's Word.


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