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What are Bookings?

Bookings are what you pay SitterTree to recruit and vet child care providers, as well as collect and disburse payments. Each job of 24 hours or less will reduce your account balance by one Booking. Bookings never expire.


How many providers should we book?

Each group is responsible to take into account adult to child safety ratios where specified by law. When planning for how many providers your group requires, keep in mind attendance rates may fluctuate.  We recommends using the two hands; two children principle when considering how many providers to book.


How far in advance should we book providers?

We recommend posting jobs one week in advance. If you consistently book providers on the SitterTree app, consider posting one month at a time. This will increase the likelihood of booking consistent providers.


How long should I wait to select a provider?

Providers may begin applying as soon as your job is posted. Groups previously selected Favorite providers may see more applicants sooner. SitterTree will notify your group as providers begin to apply.  We recommend booking providers soon after they apply as they often apply to multiple jobs at once.


Should we offer food and drinks to providers?

Each group may decide whether or not to offer food, water, and/or snacks to providers.  Providers appreciate having something to eat or drink when a job is booked over mealtime. If providers are asked to bring their own food or drink, each group should consider the risks this may bring, including food allergens (peanuts).


What is SitterTree Support?

SitterTree Support is our customer care team. Groups may contact SitterTree Support seven days a week for assistance with posting jobs, booking and paying providers, or reviewing jobs.