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Top 5 Qualities of a 5 STAR Babysitter

Three months and 5 date-nights later, I must say..I am sold. Every sitter has given a #5star experience. You will never hear me complain about how hard it is to find a sitter again. SitterTree is basically part of the family!

Meet Wild Web Woman, Jody Stephenson

  • As a member of The Sitter Tree, moms can sit back and let the coordinators do the work. Local coordinators recruit, interview, background check, and manage their roster of nearly 1,000 sitters
  • “They do everything a mom would do when searching for a sitter.”

The Sitter Tree is at your Service in Atlanta

  • Call me a converted skeptic. As an entrepreneur, I respect and appreciate The Sitter Tree’s business model and the superior quality of customer service they provide for the minimal additional cost to families. And as a mom, I learned that time is money, peace of mind is money, and The Sitter Tree offers both.
  • “Surprisingly easy”

Press Inquiries

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