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Family Safety

Safety is our priority

From the moment you sign up, we are here to support you. Our team remains informed about every member of our community so we can provide the highest quality of care when you need it.


Need us?  Email support@sittertree.com.



Ensure your safety with every job

Book all sitters through the SitterTree app

Make all payments, including tips, through SitterTree

Leave clear written instructions for your sitter, including how to reach you

If you see something say something by reviewing every job within 24 hours

SitterTree rigorously screens every sitter

We do everything a mom would do - and more - to ensure our sitters are thoroughly vetted before they reach your door.  We require every sitter to complete the following safety checks before booking their first job.

  • Profile Review
  • Interview
  • Background Check - Criminal, Sex Offender, and DMV
  • Minimum Sitter Rating of 4.5