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Recurring Sitters

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Book the same sitter every week.

"Olena worked consistently for us every day for 6 + months when we lost our nanny. She truly is the sweetest, most reliable young woman and my daughter just adores her!."

Consistent. Reliable. Trustworthy.

Post. Book. Pay. Repeat.

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Start by getting a Sitter Pass for $30/mo and we'll waive all other booking fees. 

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Select “recurring job” when posting your job, then choose the days and hours you need.

SitterTree Atlanta Babysitters 2

Set a competitive hourly rate to attract applicants, generally starting from $17/hr.

SitterTree Atlanta's Best Babysitters

Pro Tips for Booking a Recurring Sitter

The sitter your kids know and love.



Be kind and considerate of your sitter. Our sitters say "kindness" is the thing they value most from SitterTree families.


Post jobs at least two weeks in advance. Sitters are juggling school, extracurriculars, and life. Give them time to plan ahead.


Review sitters and select Favorites. Favorite sitters are notified first when your family posts any future job.

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Book your sitter in advance

Easily post job details.

Finding the right fit takes time. Book in advance to ensure you find the right fit and give yourself (and your sitter) time to plan ahead. 

We recommend posting recurring jobs  2 weeks in advance. This gives applicants plenty of time to adjust their schedule.

Save time searching profiles

Receive a list of top sitters for your job.

We will send you a list of applicants who have expressed interest and are available for your job. Sitters apply based on the hourly rate, location, and availability.

Plus, visit your Upcoming Jobs to check the status of your job and view applicants at any time. 


Say "hi" before you say "yes"

Connect with sitters before committing.

To set up an interview, express your interest by selecting your top candidate for at least one job. Schedule a phone interview to decide if it's a fit for your family.

To interview a sitter in person, you must post and book a job through SitterTree. (3-hour minimum applies) We recognize it is essential for each family to be comfortable with their sitter; we also want to respect our sitters’ time.

Ground rule 1.


SitterTree does not authorize any sitter to drive while on the job. This includes driving children and pets or running errands.

Turns out, insuring sitters to drive is really costly. In fact, no babysitting app currently does it.

Ground rule 2.


SitterTree does not authorize any sitter to administer medication—either prescribed or over-the-counter.

Our sitters are not doctors (yet). Like driving, insuring sitters to administer medication is costly and no babysitting app currently insures sitters to do it.

Ground rule 3.


SitterTree Sitters can prepare and partake in meals. 

Communicate with your sitter in advance if s/he will be in your home during mealtime to map out a game plan.

Need Support?

SitterTree's Support team is always here for you.