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How far in advance should I book a sitter?

SitterTree sitters apply for most babysitting jobs within minutes.  We recommend posting jobs no more than two weeks in advance. Posting too far in advance decreases consistency as sitters tend to make their schedules one week at a time based on school workload.


Can I book the same sitter for multiple days each week?

Yes.  Purchase a Sitter Pass and select "Weekly Job" when booking your sitter.  Be sure to set a competitive hourly rate.  Sitters apply to jobs based on hourly rate, location, and availability.


How likely am I to get the same sitter for each job?

Consistency is our #1 goal. However, sitter schedules change due to class/exam schedules, extracurricular activities, other babysitting jobs. To increase your likelihood of booking a consistent sitter:

  • Be kind. Our sitters say “kindness” is the thing they value most.
  • Post jobs at least two days in advance.
  • Review sitters and select Favorites. Favorite sitters are notified first when your family posts a job.


Can I interview my sitter before making a selection?

In order to interview a sitter, you must select the sitter for at least one job.  Once you have selected the sitter,  you may request a phone or Zoom interview.  To interview a sitter in-person, you must book a job through SitterTree. The three-hour minimum will apply.  We recognize it is essential for each family to be comfortable with their sitter; we also want to respect our sitters’ time.


Are sitters allowed to drive my child/pet?

No.  SitterTree does not authorize any sitter to drive any child or pet.


What should I expect from a sitter with regards to clean up?

Sitters are responsible to clean up for any and all activities with your child(dren). Sitters are not responsible for additional house-cleaning unrelated to activities they do with your children.


Am I required to provide meals for my sitter?

While our college sitters always appreciate a good meal, we only ask you to communicate with your sitter in advance if she will be at your home during mealtime. You may use the job notes or confirm with her prior to the job.


Does SitterTree guarantee all of my job postings will be filled?

While SitterTree fills more than 99% of job postings, we cannot guarantee sitters will apply to your job.  Sitter applications depend on sitter schedules as well as how far in advance you post the job.


How long should I wait to hear if sitters apply to my job posting?

Check the status of your job any time in your Upcoming Jobs.  We'll also notify you as sitters begin to apply.


What is SitterTree Support?

SitterTree Support is a team of coordinators available to assist all members with questions regarding bookings, cancellations, and membership.  SitterTree Support is available seven days per week.





Can SitterTree provide sitters for my wedding guests?

Yes. Simply share with your guests and ask them to list your wedding as their referral.  (i.e. Smith Wedding).  Our coordinators will work directly with each family to meet their childcare needs.


Does SitterTree provide sitters on holidays?

Yes. We recommend posting holiday jobs at least one week in advance.  Attract more applicants by offering higher hourly rates for holiday jobs.