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Work when you want to work. SitterTree makes it easy to pick the jobs you want and leave the jobs you don’t.

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Families pay (and tip) through SitterTree. Submit your time after each job, and we'll make sure you are paid.

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We value the safety of our sitters.  We review every family profile and our coordinators are here to help.

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Create an account and tell us why you’re a great sitter. Schedule a meeting with your sitter coordinator and complete a background check.

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Search posted jobs on your dashboard. Apply for the jobs you want, ignore the ones you don’t.

Pay Online

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After each job, families and churches will pay you through our app. SitterTree deducts 10% from each job.

What You’ll Earn


Min. $14 per hour

3-hour minimum


Min. $15 per hour

3-hour minimum


Our sitters love SitterTree. Seriously.


We bring the jobs to you. Say goodbye to posting your information everywhere or having endless interviews with families.

Plenty of jobs

Work as much as you want. With nearly 1,500 jobs posted each month, SitterTree works hard to keep you busy.

Rewards for referrals

Earn cash rewards for each babysitter or family signup you refer.

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Get paid through the dashboard

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Serving greater
Atlanta since 2000

SitterTree began in a college dorm room in 2000. Jody Stephenson, a sophomore at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, was babysitting for two families. She spent consistent time with their children each week and soon felt like she was part of their families. At the same time, Jody was able to earn money for her college education.

Babysitting was more than a job for Jody.  It was an opportunity to care for and build up each child she met.  Soon, two families turned into 20 families, and by the time Jody graduated, her team of trusted Oglethorpe babysitters was serving 150 families throughout the greater Atlanta area.

From the beginning, SitterTree sitters have invested in thousands of children throughout our city and have developed long-lasting friendships. SitterTree continues to grow, but our vision remains: to build a trusted community of local sitters for families and churches.

We hope you’ll join us.

The kids will love you.

Meet the SitterTree Team


Jody Stephenson



Sarabeth Jackson

Sitter Coordinator

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee

Family Coordinator


Bre Taylor

Marketing Coordinator

Rebecca Alverez

Rebecca Alvarez

Community Engagement Coordinator

Bonita Dungan

Bonita Dugan

Assigning Coordinator

Victoria Donnelly

Victoria Donnelly

Assigning Coordinator

Avery Dobbs

Avery Dobbs

Campus Coordinator
Kennesaw State University

Paula Manrique

Paula Manrique

Campus Coordinator
Emory University

Lauren Kirby

Lauren Kirby

Campus Coordinator
Oglethorpe University

Picture of female babysitter coordinator from Georgia State University.

Danielle Hardin

Campus Coordinator
Georgia State University

Khadijah Grier

Khadijah Grier

Campus Coordinator
Spelman College/Clark Atlanta