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Flexible scheduling

Work when you want to work. SitterTree makes it easy to find jobs to fit your busy schedule.

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Getting paid for your work is a priority. Submit your hours after each job and receive payment within 24 hours.

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We value your safety.  View important job details before applying - including reviews by other sitters.

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Create a profile

Create a profile,  verify your experience and any certifications, and complete a background check.

Apply for jobs

Search available jobs on the app. Apply for jobs that fit your schedule, location, and desired hourly rate.

Get booked

SitterTree will notify you when you've been booked.  We'll keep you informed about any changes.

Get paid fast

You'll be paid after each job. You'll receive an hourly rate, plus tips, less a small percentage for using the app.

What You’ll Earn


Min $15 per hour

3-hour minimum


Min. $17 per hour

3-hour minimum

Everything you need

Search available jobs 24/7

Read reviews from other sitters

View Favorite families

Rate jobs and leave feedback

Manage your payout account

 Earn rewards 


Sitters love SitterTree. Seriously.


We bring the jobs to you. Say goodbye to posting, commenting, and endless meet-and-greet interviews.

Plenty of jobs

Work as much as you want. With nearly 2,000 jobs posted each month, SitterTree works hard to keep you busy.

Rewards for referrals

Earn great cash rewards when you refer friends.

Meet the SitterTree Team

We started as sitters. Together, we are changing the child care industry - with you in mind.


Jody Stephenson

Founder + CEO


Victoria Donnelly

Operations Manager


Kelsey Rheney

Senior Support Coordinator


Dashea Carter

Support Coordinator


Jessie Reuben-Lartey

Support Coordinator

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Lauren Barr

Sales Coordinator

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Anokhi Patel

Campus Recruiter