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20 Budget-Friendly Spring Activities for Family Fun

By Grant Glas, founder of Playlister

Spring is here at last, bringing with it countless opportunities for family fun. 

Children adore the vibrant atmosphere and excitement that comes with the season of renewal. 

However, finding engaging spring activities to do with kids while sticking to a budget can be a challenge for parents.

Keep reading for 20 incredible spring activities that cost almost nothing.

20 budget-friendly spring activities to do with kids


1. Paint Rocks

Arts and crafts don't have to cost a dime. Head out into nature with your little ones and set them on a mission to find the flattest rock they can. Collect their chosen canvases, hand them the paints, and let their creativity shine.


2. Have a Games Day

When it comes to spring activities for kids, games are a must. Set an Easter theme with your activities or keep things seasonal and play a visual scavenger hunt. Notice the animals and plants that appear as the weather gets warmer using one of these free printable spring scavenger hunt PDFs.


3. Make a Bird Feeder

Creating a safe space for birds to rest in your garden is not as difficult a task as you might think. Get creative with the resources you have on hand and build a makeshift birdhouse from recycled materials. Check out this page for 23 ways to up-cycle a bird feeder, using anything from popsicle sticks to plates to wine bottles.


4. Water Balloon Fight

When the spring heat arrives, there's only one thing to do—have a water fight! Prepare the water balloons, fill up any water bottles, load up the water guns, and head into your garden or the local park to cool down while having some fun.


5. Go Camping

One of our favorite activities for spring is camping, whether at home in the backyard or on a mini vacation. Set up the tent and teach your little ones some campfire songs while enabling them to connect with nature.


6. Visit a Museum

We often take museums in our hometown for granted, but they often have zones designed especially for kids. Check the schedules for your local museums and see if anywhere has a day that's free to visit or has a special installment for kids.


7. Host a Family Potluck

Spring activities for families revolve around spending quality time together, and what better way to bond than over a shared potluck dinner? Get the whole family (including kids!) to help prepare a few dishes and enjoy the experience of breaking bread together.


8. Read at the Library

Inspire a love of books in your children by taking a trip to the local library. If they haven't already got a library card, now is the time to sign them up! After reading in the kids' zone, let them check out three books to start a reading log at home.


9. Play Sidewalk Chalk

Did you know that for the cost of a box of chalk, you could entertain your children for hours, if not days? Introducing Sidewalk Chalk, the no-mess art competition for kids that washes away whenever it rains.


10. Bake a Tasty Treat

Spring break activities for families don't have to be difficult to arrange. Simply making sweet snacks together as a family can provide fun for the entire day. Get creative with your choices and let your little ones play a part in choosing, from brownies and muffins to cakes and cornflake nests.


11. Craft a DIY Wind Chime

Gather materials like beads, shells, small bells, and string to create a unique wind chime together. Hang it in your garden or on your porch, and enjoy the soothing sounds it makes as the spring breeze passes through. This activity encourages creativity and adds a personal touch to your outdoor space.


12. Plant a Garden

Teach your children about gardening and the joy of watching something grow by planting flowers, herbs, or vegetables together. This activity helps them learn about the importance of nurturing and patience.


13. Have a Picnic

Pack a simple lunch and head to the park or even your backyard for a family picnic. Enjoy the outdoors and the time together while sharing a meal.


14. Create Homemade Puppets

Use old socks, buttons, and fabric scraps to create homemade puppets. Then, have your kids put on a puppet show for the family to enjoy.


15. Make a Family Scrapbook

Collect photos, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia to create a family scrapbook. This activity will help your children learn the value of memories and preserving special moments.


16. Explore a Nature Trail

Take a walk on a nature trail or through a local park, observing the signs of spring and appreciating the beauty of nature together.


17. Have a Movie Night

Choose a family-friendly movie, make some popcorn, and enjoy a cozy movie night at home.


18. Fly a Kite

Find an open space on a windy day and teach your kids the joy of flying a kite. This activity is a classic springtime favorite.


19. Create a Family Cookbook

Have each family member choose their favorite recipes and create a personalized family cookbook. This activity not only helps your children learn about cooking but also preserves your family's culinary traditions.


20. Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup

Encourage your kids to be good citizens by organizing a neighborhood cleanup day. Invite neighbors to join in and help beautify the area.


These 20 budget-friendly spring activities will provide fun for the whole family while creating lasting memories. Enjoy the warmer weather and quality time with your loved ones this spring season.


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