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9 Creative Ideas for Your Church Nursery

Your church nursery is a special place where families find support and young children are introduced to the love of God and your church's unique community.

But have you ever wondered how you can upgrade your church nursery into an adorable safe haven for your church's children? The good news is: you don't need a huge budget or a ton of time!

In this post, we'll explore practical church nursery ideas to create a welcoming environment and help parents feel confident and at ease when leaving their little ones in the care of your church. Plus, you'll get a chance to flex your creative muscles and feel the joy of creating an uplifting, safe space.

Is your church nursery on the smaller side? No problem at all, these church nursery ideas work for any size church—big or small! These ideas also work for churches of all denominations, including Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic, Non-Denominational and more.

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Creative church nursery ideas for little blessings


#1: Whimsical wall murals

Get started by selecting a blank or under-utilized wall in your church nursery and decorating it with a whimsical wall mural. These are sure to delight little ones as soon as they walk in! Choose a theme that works for your church—like Noah's Ark, a beautiful garden, or a sky full of stars. The colorful and enchanting murals will instantly spark the children's imagination and create a sense of wonder. You can find great options on Etsy in the form of wall decals, or get a group together for a creative painting day and make your own.

#2: Soft play area

Create a soft play area where infants and toddlers can explore and play safely. You can source a complete set from brands like Soft Play, or save money and build your own! Use foam floor mats and plush rugs to create a comfortable and cushioned space. You can even find beautiful foam mats that are designed to look like area rugs!

Next, add age-appropriate toys like soft blocks, stuffed animals, and interactive play mats. Soft play areas encourage children to develop their motor skills and build confidence as they explore the world around them.

#3: Interactive sensory wall

Sensory walls are a simple and fun way to stimulate children's senses while keeping your church nursery bright, fresh and fun. You can even include older children in the crafting and design process! Sensory walls are a fantastic church nursery idea to DIY for smaller churches on a budget.

Incorporate various textures, colors, and shapes that little ones can touch and feel. You can attach fabric squares, faux grass, and different materials to the wall. Sensory walls encourage exploration and provide endless opportunities for learning and engagement. Bonus: get volunteers involved by polling them on what style wall they think will suit your church best!

#4: Faith-based story corner

Create a cozy and inviting story corner dedicated to sharing faith-based stories and Bible tales. After you have the design and layout, stock your story corner with great books! Display a collection of age-appropriate Bible storybooks and religious picture books. Encourage nursery volunteers to read stories to the kids and use puppets or props to make the storytelling more engaging.

#5: Colorful Bible verse art

Incorporate colorful Bible verse art throughout the nursery. You can craft and create the artwork by hand, or try using a simple design tool like Canva to create beautiful biblical art. Display framed verses or create a "Memory Verse of the Week" board that highlights a new verse each week. Visualizing these verses from a young age can help plant seeds of faith in children's hearts and minds.

#6: Prayer wall

Designate a special prayer wall where parents and caregivers can write down their prayer requests. Think: chalk paint, white boards, wooden panels and more! Encourage the nursery staff and volunteers to pray for these intentions during their time in the nursery. A prayer wall is not only a beautiful church nursery idea, but it also facilitates engagement and a sense of community among the church family.

#7: Musical corner

Music is a powerful tool for connecting with young children and creating a sense of joy. Set up a musical corner, then add child-friendly instruments like tambourines, maracas, and small drums. Singing and making music together can be a delightful way for children to express themselves and celebrate God's love. Check out this guide for building out your church nursery's music corner.

#8: Themed learning areas

Create different areas for various learning activities following a specific theme. Create a "Nature Exploration" corner with magnifying glasses and nature-inspired toys. Set up a "Construction Zone" with building blocks and toy trucks. Themed learning areas offer children opportunities to engage in hands-on learning and exploration.

#9: Family photo display

Make the nursery feel like an extension of home by setting up a family photo display. Encourage parents to provide photos of their children with family members or engaged in fun activities. Seeing familiar faces on the walls provides comfort to children and fosters a sense of belonging. It can even reduce cries during the hand-off before services!

These church nursery ideas will create a warm, inviting, and engaging atmosphere to welcome families and nurture the faith of young children.

Try out some of these simple and creative church nursery ideas, and watch as your nursery is transformed into a joyful haven where children can grow and learn in the love of God.

A well-designed nursery not only supports your church's families, but also provides a solid foundation for the spiritual journey of the youngest members of your congregation.

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