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5 ways to engage families with your church

Families are a key part of most congregations. They bring up new generations in the church, they support with events and community initiatives, and many families are the pulse of the church. But finding ways to support and include the families in your congregation can be a challenge. Between school, work, and nap schedules, many families struggle to make it to church...especially if the environment isn't family-friendly.

Read on to discover simple ways to help families feel welcomed and engaged at your church—growing your congregation one family at a time.

5 ways to increase family attendance at your church


#1: Offer family-centric service times

Many families find themselves juggling nap times, extracurricular activities, and hectic schedules. To accommodate these challenges, consider offering a variety of service times, including family-friendly options. You can try early morning services, Saturday services, or weeknight services. By providing options, more families will be able to find a service time that works for their schedule. That's one less hurdle to overcome in getting to church! Plus, you'll engage current members and likely welcome new visitors.

That said, adding services shouldn't be taken lightly. Learn more about how to launch a second or third service time to see if it's right for you.

#2: Provide child care and youth programs

Managing children during service can be a challenge, as any practicing parent knows. This can lead many families to feel stressed about attending church, when your church's goal is actually to help families feel at ease, supported, and ready to worship! A simple fix is to offer reliable and engaging child care for services and events. Then, you'll likely to see family attendance increase. If you already have a nursery or youth program, but struggle to staff it, consider creating an account on a trusted church child care platform like SitterTree.

#3: Create an inclusive worship environment

Offering multiple service times may not be a realistic option for every church. If that's the case, consider creating a family-friendly environment during your regular service time. This can include offering nursing mothers area (bonus points for streaming the service!), or welcoming children into service and embracing all their joyful (and not-so-joyful) noises. You can also invite families to participate in readings, prayers, or musical performances during the service, fostering a sense of shared spirituality.

#4: Host community events

Families often crave a sense of community—especially during new parenthood, which can feel isolating at times. The church can play a pivotal role in providing support. Establishing community groups or family-friendly gatherings offers a space for parents to connect, share experiences, and offer mutual support. Additionally, organizing family events, such as picnics, game nights, or service projects, helps strengthen the bonds within the church community, making families feel more connected and valued.

#5: Stream services online

Ideally, the ideas listed above will help engage the families in your congregation with your services and events. Another option is to  stream services online. You'll reach a wider audience, including families with newborns, traveling families, or families with ill members. Not to mention, other members of your church will benefit from virtual services, too. Learn more about how to stream services here.

Ultimately, helping families feel included is vital to your church's health. By following some or all of these simple steps, you'll create a welcoming church environment that families will continue to visit for generations to come.

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