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babysitters and child are safe eating

From the moment you sign up, SitterTree is here to support you. Our coordinators remain informed about every member of our community so we can provide the highest quality of care when you need it. Whether you’re working with a SitterTree church, group or family, safety is our number one goal. Always reach out to your community coordinator or SitterTree Support for more information on how SitterTree is committed to your safety. This is your guide to safer, smarter sitting.

Safety at Every Job

  • Helmets: Kids should always wear helmets when riding bikes, scooters, or anything with wheels. If the family does not provide helmets, find a safer activity! NO helmet = NO wheels
  • Playground Safety: Always remain close enough to see and hear children at the playground
  • Safe Eating: Follow these safe eating tips to prevent choking.

Safety Starts With You

  1. Jobs: Only accept jobs booked through SitterTree
  2. Payments: Only accept payments through SitterTree
  3. Location: Share your job location with a trusted friend 
  4. Reviews: Review every job within 24 hours

Always call 9-1-1 for emergencies,
then call SitterTree Support.

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