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Winter Safety Tips for Every Babysitter

babysitter holds a first aid/ safety kit

From the moment you sign up, SitterTree is here to support you. Local SitterTree Coordinators are available to provide the highest quality of support when you need it. Whether you’re working with a SitterTree church, group or family, safety is our number one priority for all SitterTree members. Sitters may contact their Coordinator or SitterTree Support for more information on how SitterTree is committed to your safety. This is your guide to safer, smarter sitting.

Keeping Children Safe

  • Winter: If you’re heading outside, keep the kiddos bundled up and warm! Plus, Kid Safety During the Winter.
  • First Aid: Be prepared to handle minor cuts and scrapes with these basic First Aid Tips. Don’t forget to notify Mom and Dad of any injury which happens on the job!
  • CPR Certification: Families love sitters who are CPR certified.  Get more jobs by completing an American Red Cross class near you! (Be sure the class covers infants and children.)  

Safety Starts With You

  1. Jobs: Only accept jobs booked through SitterTree
  2. Payments: Only accept payments through SitterTree
  3. Location: Share your job location with a trusted friend 
  4. Reviews: Review every job within 24 hours

Always call 9-1-1 for emergencies,
then call SitterTree Support.

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