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Flexible Jobs for Child Care Professionals

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Flexible jobs for all child care professionals.

Earn $15-25/hr + Tips

Sitting jobs when you want them

How it works


Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

Jobs are posted 24/7. Find jobs you want by filtering by distance or day and viewing job details.


Apply. Apply. Apply.

Apply for all the jobs you want. Don't worry about double-booking - just keep applying.


You got the job!

We'll notify you when you're booked and when you don't get the job. 


Start a chat

Start a chat within 12 hours to confirm your job details and show your enthusiasm. This is your change to make a great first impression. 


Be reliable. 

Reserve cancellations for illness or emergency only. Always cancel on the app so we can work to find a replacement sitter.

Repeated cancellations will result in account restriction or closure. *Cancellation fees will apply.  



Review every job

More reviews = more jobs, more tips, and more favorite families. Sitters who leave detailed reviews are more often selected as a Favorite.

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Go above and beyond at each job

What makes a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ sitter?


Be on time

Arrive five minutes early. Charge your phone and leave extra time for traffic. 


Be engaged

No phones on the job. Never let a child use your personal devices. ASSUME EVERY FAMILY HAS A NANNY CAM.


Take initiative

Don't sit back. Clean up after all activities and meals. Look for extra ways to serve. Fold laundry, tidy, wash dishes, etc. 



Parents appreciate updates. Send a chat during each job to keep them informed. Only sends photos if allowed.


Follow directions

Every family is different. Ask about screen time, food allergies, and bedtime routines. Listen carefully and repeat instructions.


Dress like a pro

Come dressed ready to play! Avoid workout clothes, torn jeans, and revealing tops. Dress "sitter professional."

Pricing & Payment

What will I be paid?

Hourly Rate + Tips

View the details for any job to find the hourly rate. Plus, earn tips when you go above and beyond. 100% of all tips go straight to you.

Payout Account

Transfer funds from your SitterTree Stripe Payout account direct to your checking—less an 11% referral fee for each job. 

Cancellation Fees

SitterTree charges cancellation fees to maintain the reliability of our app. Avoid fees by arriving on time and not canceling.

  • $5 - Late arrival fee
  • $10 - Cancellations made anytime after booking
  • $20 - Cancellations made within 12 hours of job start time
  • $25 - Cancellation made within 3 hours of job start time
  • $35 - Cancellations made within 1 hour of job start time
  • $45 - Cancellations made after a job has started
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Show off your experience

Earn Badges


Experience with children 6 mo's and younger.

Special Needs

Experience caring for children with special needs.

3+ Children

Experience caring for three or more children at a time. 

CPR Certified

CPR Certified in the last two years.

COVID Vaccinated

Fully vaccinated for at least two weeks.

Learn from the best

Sitter Pro Tips


Double-check social media

You get one chance to make a great first impression. Consider changing your privacy settings or keeping all content (photos and posts) sitter-professional.


Private booking

All jobs must be booked on the SitterTree app. You will be charged a $100 fee if you attempt to book any job outside of the app.

If you are asked about a job, confirm your availability and ask the family/church to post the job via the app to avoid being charged.


Not employees

SitterTree does not employ any sitter. All sitters agree to act as Independent Contractors. Re-read the agreement here


We are considerate

Cancellations are for emergencies and illnesses only. Repeated cancellations will result in your account being closed.


We are not doctors

SitterTree does not authorize any sitter to administer medication of any kind. 


We are not taxis

SitterTree does not authorize any sitter to drive children or pets. 

Follow these guidelines to stay safe

Sitter Safety


Never share personal contact information. Always communicate in the app.

Veriied Location

Do not go to any address other than what is shown in a verified user profile.


Do not accept payment of any kind apart from the SitterTree app - including tips.

Perfect your profile

5-Star Profiles

Get more jobs and make more money with a great profile. Parents can be nervous when booking sitters on an app. Your profile should give them all the reasons why they can trust you to care for their kiddos.

Profile Picture

Make a great first impression with a light, bright, and friendly picture. Use a "sitter professional" picture to give parents confidence in you. Stay away from selfies. 

Babysitting Bio

Tell parents what makes you the best sitter for the job. Be authentic and go deeper than  “children are the future.”  Here's a few details to share:

  1. Why you love babysitting!
  2. Ages and stages of children you have cared for
  3. Your favorite go-to activities for kids.

Need help with your spelling and grammar? Download Grammarly to ensure your profile is professional.

Welcome Sitter - Profile Edits

$ Earn Rewards $

Share SitterTree with friends and earn rewards when they book their first job.  User your Reward link to receive credit!

SitterTree Atlanta's Best Babysitters

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