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Payment & Fees


After completing your job, log into the SitterTree app to request payment after each job for the hours you worked. Families and groups will complete payment (or dispute your request) within 24 hours.  Once payment is received, transfer your earnings to your bank account less a small Service Fee.


Is there a cost to join SitterTree?

Joining SitterTree is free. There are no monthly fees. However, you must purchase and complete a background check in order to access and apply to jobs.


How much will I be paid?

You will earn an hourly rate offered by a family or group for each job, less a Service Fee. You can review job details and hourly rates before applying to ensure you find the jobs you want.


When will I get paid?

You will be paid 24 hours after you request payment. Visit Past Jobs to view the payment details for your job, including the exact time your payment will be received.


How do I access my payment?

Payments are received and held in your SitterTree account. You may securely transfer your payment balance to your bank account at any time when logged into your account.


What makes a payment eligible for protection?

In order for SitterTree to protect your payments, all communication regarding your job, including any mutually agreed changes must be found in SitterTree chat. No personal information may have been shared.


Is there a fee to use the SitterTree app?

You will be charged a Service Fee for each job you complete to cover the cost of running our platform and providing SitterTree Support.  Service Fees are based on a percentage of the Provider Fee you earn, excluding any tip. You will receive 100% of tips you earn.


How do I update my bank account or payout method?

Securely update your bank account or payout method at any time from your Stripe Payout account.

  • In the SitterTree app, click Payment on the side menu
  • On the Balance page, click "Manage Payout Account."
  • Enter your verification code to access your Stripe Payout account. Then, click the profile icon.
  • In your profile, click SitterTree under Payout Details
  • Finally, click the pencil icon next to your current payout method to update your card.

If you no longer have access to your old payment method, you will need to "verify your identity."

Similar to a bank account, SitterTree does not have access to your payout account. For assistance email


Does SitterTree withhold taxes?

No. SitterTree does not withhold taxes on behalf of any user.



Will SitterTree send me a tax form?

Sitters who meet the IRS and/or state mandated thresholds for payments received through SitterTree in a calendar year will receive a 1099-K form on or before January 31st. If you do not meet the threshold in your state, you will not receive any tax forms.


What if a family or group tries to pay me directly - not on the SitterTree app?

Paying and communicating through SitterTree contributes to a safe and secure experience, which is why we made it a requirement in our Terms of Service.

When a payment takes place outside of SitterTree, there won't be a record of it. That means your earnings won't accurately be reported and we won't be able to assist you if payments are delayed or incorrect. Accepting payments outside of SitterTree may also lead to account closure.

If you mutually agree to work with a family or group outside of the SitterTree app, the family/group will incur a Finders Fee. If they do not want to pay a Finder's Fee, we recommend you confirm your availability and request they post a job and book you through the SitterTree app.

Keep your information secure by requiring payment on the SitterTree app - not via check, cash, or a payment website. If a user insists on paying you outside of SitterTree, you can privately share your experience with our support team when reviewing your job.


Can SitterTree provide an employment verification or act as a reference for me?

No.  SitterTree does not employ any sitter and cannot verify employment or serve as a reference.


Instant Payouts


How fast is “instant”?

Nearly 6,000 banks in the US support Instant Payouts and in practice, ~99% of payouts are available within minutes. Due to differences across banks, the other 1% are usually available within a few hours or the next 1-2 business days.


Are there any fees to request an Instant Payout?

Yes, you will be charged 3% per Instant Payout.  In addition, you must transfer at least $.50.


Why won't Instant Payouts work for me?

In order for instant payouts to work, your bank must accept them and you must link a debit card to your account.


Are Instant Payouts available outside of the U.S.?

No, Instant Payouts are currently only available to service providers with debit cards issued by U.S. banks.


Finally, please note that the Stripe Connect Platform Agreement includes special terms for Instant Payouts, and your continued use of this new feature means that you accept and agree to this updated version of the Agreement.

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SitterTree does not employ any service provider nor is it responsible for the conduct of any service provider on our app. SitterTree operates an app for end users to book and pay service providers for child care services. Each user is solely responsible for completing necessary due diligence prior to booking child care services from any other user. All information provided in member profiles, job posts, and chats is provided by users and is not generated nor guaranteed by SitterTree.

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