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10 Easter ideas for your Children’s Ministry

Celebrate Easter with memorable activities for your Children’s Ministry

Easter is a special time, especially for the little ones in your church. Are you looking for Children's Ministry Easter ideas to make this Easter a memorable one for the kids in your ministry? If so, you're in the right place. We've put together 10 Children's Ministry Easter ideas tailored for your church's younger members. These simple, engaging activities are perfect for sparking fun and teaching kids about the true meaning of Easter. 

1. Resurrection Garden Making

Age Range: 4-14

Get creative and celebrate Easter with Resurrection Gardens! Get started with pots, soil, stones, and plants to symbolize new life and rebirth. These gardens are perfect for displaying around your ministry space, teaching your little members about the beauty and renewal that comes with faith.

2. Easter Story Stones

Age Range: 1-5

Highlight the meaning of Easter with painted story stones. Children can paint symbols representing hope, love, and faith. These stones can then be used as storytelling aids or decorative pieces, offering a hands-on way to engage kids with the broader themes of Easter.

3. Palm Sunday Parade

Age Range: 4-14

Mark the start of Holy Week with a joyful parade. Create palm branches from paper and lead a procession, celebrating the spirit of peace and triumph. It’s a festive way to bring the kids in your congregation together, reflecting on faith.

4. Easter Scripture Scavenger Hunt

Age Range: 7+

Explore the concept of faith with an Easter Scripture Scavenger Hunt. Hide verses around your ministry space or playground that focus on messages of hope, forgiveness, and renewal. It’s an engaging way for kids to learn and share the values of Easter.

5. "Walk with Faith" Footprint Path

Age Range: 7+

Create a path through your church or outdoor space with footprints that guide children on a journey through different virtues of faith. This reflective walk encourages conversation about living a life filled with goodness. 

6. Easter Choir Performance

Age Range: 4+

Celebrate with joyous songs by organizing an Easter performance. Choose Easter songs that speak to the themes of hope, joy, and renewal. It's a beautiful way for children to express their faith and share the uplifting message of Easter with your church’s congregation.

7. Ascension Day Kites

Age Range: 3-5

Celebrate ascension in a fresh and creative way by flying kites. This activity symbolizes rising above, offering kids a hands-on way to think about elevation in spirit and faith. Gather to fly the kites together —a beautiful experience full of lasting inspiration.

8. DIY Easter Wreath

Age Range: 2-8

Try collaborative art with an Easter Wreath activity. Provide a large circular base and an assortment of materials such as colorful paper, ribbons, and Easter-themed embellishments. Guide the children in creating a communal Easter wreath, symbolizing unity and celebration. Hang the finished wreath in the nursery as a festive decoration.

9. Crown of Life Weaving

Age Range: 3-8

Try out crafting Crowns of Life, using flowers and natural materials. This craft encourages reflection on overcoming challenges. Once complete, the crowns can be worn all holiday by your kids or set on display as a reminder of the gospel.

10. "Fruits of the Spirit" Fruit Salad Making

Age Range: 4+

Link the teachings about the fruits of the spirit with a fun, group activity by making fruit salad. Go one step further by designating each fruit to represent a different spiritual virtue (like love, joy, or peace). Talk to the children about these virtues while preparing the fruit salad, then enjoy the delicious snack together.

blue prayer rock for children's ministry easter idea

So, you have your Easter activities all planned out for your Children's Ministry…


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