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10 Ways to Find Early Childhood Educators for Your Preschool

Early childhood educators and subs help your preschool's students thrive. Finding quality early childhood educators who are passionate, engaged and reliable is essential for the success of your preschool or daycare...but it's not always easy!

Whether you've been hiring for years or are just getting started, you may feel like the traditional methods of finding early childhood educators don't always work out as planned.

While traditional recruitment methods can be effective, it may be time to test out unique approaches that can bring loving care to your preschool.

By thinking outside the box, you're likely to attract reliable individuals with the skill sets you need and a genuine commitment to providing quality care and education.

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10 ways to recruit quality early childhood educators

#1: Partner with local educational institutions

Forge partnerships with local educational institutions, like colleges, universities, and vocational schools that offer early childhood education programs. Establish relationships with faculty members, program coordinators, and career services departments. By engaging with these institutions, you can tap into a pool of talented graduates, interns, or student teachers who are seeking opportunities in early childhood education. Collaborate on job fairs, internship programs, and practicum placements to connect with aspiring educators.

#2: Engage with online early childhood education communities

Join online communities, forums, and social media groups dedicated to early childhood education. Platforms like SitterTree can connect you with quality educators and subs. SitterTree and other similar platforms are free to get started. You can also join professional Facebook Groups. Actively participate in discussions, share job postings, and engage with community members to build connections with reliable early childhood educators.

#3: Attend early childhood education conferences and workshops

Participate in local and national early childhood education conferences, workshops, and professional development events. These events gather educators, researchers, and industry experts who are passionate about early childhood education. Networking allows you to connect with experienced professionals and potentially find reliable early childhood educators who are seeking new opportunities or professional growth.

#4: Utilize local parent networks

Harness the power of local parent networks to find reliable early childhood educators. Parents often have connections to educators through their children's educational experiences or personal networks. Encourage current parents to spread the word about job openings at your preschool within their communities. Personal recommendations can help identify educators who come with trusted referrals and a shared commitment to quality education.

#5: Advertise in non-traditional places

Expand your preschool's marketing efforts by exploring non-traditional places to promote early childhood job opportunities. Consider placing advertisements or distributing flyers in community centers, libraries, coffee shops, or even local farmers' markets. These unexpected locations may attract individuals who are passionate about early childhood education and looking for meaningful career opportunities.

#6: Collaborate with community organizations

Partner with community organizations that focus on child development, early education, or family services. Engage with local chapters of organizations like Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs), child advocacy groups, or nonprofit organizations that support early childhood education.

#7: Offer incentives for referrals

Create a referral program that incentivizes your current staff, parents, or community members to refer reliable early childhood educators. Offer rewards or bonuses for successful referrals that result in the hiring of qualified candidates. This encourages your network to actively promote job openings and recommend candidates they believe will excel in your preschool.

#8: Conduct virtual job fairs or webinars

Incorporate technology by hosting virtual job fairs or webinars specifically for early childhood educators. Use video conferencing platforms to connect with potential candidates from different locations. During these events, present information about your preschool's philosophy, curriculum, and work environment. Provide opportunities for candidates to ask questions and engage in virtual interviews. Virtual job fairs and webinars allow you to reach a wider audience and attract educators who may not be able to attend in-person events.

#9: Collaborate with professional associations

Connect with professional associations and organizations dedicated to early childhood education. Examples include the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) or state-level early childhood education associations. Engage with their events, workshops, and conferences to network with professionals in the field. These associations often have job boards or networking opportunities where you can advertise your teaching positions and connect with reliable early childhood educators.

#10: Create an engaging and supportive work environment

Foster an engaging and supportive work environment to attract and retain reliable early childhood educators. Emphasize professional development opportunities, mentorship programs, and ongoing training to support their growth as educators. Encourage collaboration and provide resources that enhance their teaching practices. A positive work environment cultivates job satisfaction and attracts educators who are passionate about their craft.

When it comes to finding quality educators for your preschool, getting creative can help you access untapped potential. 

Embrace these unconventional strategies to find the right educators members to nurture the growth of your students and preschool community.

SitterTree can help you find reliable subs and full-time early childhood educators for your preschool or daycare. All subs and educators on SitterTree meet state requirements, including Georgia's DECAL check.

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