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Unique Ways to Find Quality Staff for Your Church

Quality church staff members keep your worship community thriving and healthy. Finding church staff members who are passionate, engaged, and aligned with your mission is essential for the success of your church...but not always easy!

Whether you've been hiring for years or are just getting started, you may feel like the traditional ways of finding quality church staff don't always work as planned.

While traditional recruitment methods can be effective, it may be time to test out some unique approaches that can bring fresh perspectives and new talent to your church.

By thinking outside the box, you'll attract individuals with unique skills, diverse backgrounds, and a genuine commitment to serving your congregation.

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Creative ways to recruit quality church volunteers

#1: Tap into volunteer networks

Look within your church's volunteer network to identify potential staff members. Volunteers are already engaged with your community and have a deep understanding of your church's values and culture. Many volunteers have skill sets or professional expertise that could be valuable in a staff role. By actively communicating your staffing needs to volunteers, you may uncover dedicated individuals who are willing to transition from volunteer work to a more formal staff position.

#2: Engage with Seminary and Bible college students

Connect with seminaries and Bible colleges in your area to engage with students who are pursuing a career in ministry. Offer internships or part-time positions, providing them with valuable hands-on experience and an opportunity to serve in a church setting. By building relationships with students early on, you may be able to identify talented individuals who could become long-term staff members after completing their studies.

#3: Seek a staffing agency partner

There are many faith-based staffing organizations that specialize in helping churches find quality staff. These organizations have connections with experienced church professionals and can help you find the right fit based on your needs. Consider a partner like Vanderbloemen, who specializes in church staffing.

#4: Host community events

Organize community outreach events that are open to the public, such as seminars, workshops, or recreational activities. These events can serve as opportunities to connect with community members who may have an interest in joining your church staff. Engage attendees in conversations, share information about your church's mission and values, and express your staffing needs. Some attendees may have the skills and passion to contribute to your staff team.

#5: Collaborate with secular organizations

Explore collaborations with secular organizations, such as local businesses, schools, or community centers, to promote staff opportunities within your church. Attend job fairs, career expos, or networking events organized by these organizations. By tapping into secular networks, you can access individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets who may bring fresh perspectives and experiences to your church.

#6: Foster relationships with local artists and musicians

If your church is seeking staff members for creative roles, such as worship leaders or artists, establish connections with local artists and musicians. Attend community arts events, visit art galleries, or reach out to music schools or conservatories. By fostering relationships with these creative individuals, you can identify potential staff members who can contribute to the artistic and spiritual growth of your church.

#7: Offer job shadowing or trial periods

Consider offering job shadowing opportunities or trial periods for potential staff members. This allows them to experience the church's work environment, culture, and the specific responsibilities of the role firsthand. Similarly, it gives you an opportunity to assess their skills, compatibility, and commitment to the position. Job shadowing or trial periods can help both parties make informed decisions about long-term employment.

#8: Encourage congregation involvement

Involve your congregation in the staff recruitment process by encouraging them to share job postings within their own networks. Your congregation members may have connections to individuals who are seeking a career change, relocating to your area, or looking for opportunities to serve in a church setting. 

#9 Utilize social media platforms

Leverage the power of social media to find quality church staff members. Create engaging content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that showcases your church's culture, values, and current team. Share job postings, highlight staff achievements, and feature testimonials from current employees. Encourage your congregation to share these posts within their own networks.

#10: Utilize online platforms and networks

Expand your search by utilizing online platforms and networks. Browse sites dedicated to religious and ministry-focused job opportunities, like or Also consider leveraging non-denominational platforms. Websites like SitterTree can help you find temporary and permanent positions for specific church roles, like Children's Ministry child care.

When it comes to finding quality staff for your church, it's essential to think creatively and explore unique approaches.

Embrace these unconventional strategies to find the right staff members who will contribute to the spiritual growth and vitality of your church community.

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