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Children’s Ministry Ideas: 8 Fun and Gospel-Centered Activities

Fostering faith with your littlest congregation members can be fun.

Children's Ministry is a sacred space where we have the opportunity to sow seeds of faith in young hearts. Making learning about Jesus fun and engaging can leave a lasting impact on a child's spiritual journey. Here are eight fun children's ministry ideas that will not only captivate children's imaginations, but also nurture their faith.

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8 Fun and Gospel-Centered Children’s Ministry Ideas


1. Bible Story Scavenger Hunt

Age Range: 4-14

Organize a scavenger hunt where children search for hidden clues related to different Bible stories. Each clue unveils a part of the story, allowing kids to actively engage with the narratives while having fun.

2. Praise and Worship Dance Party

Age Range: 0-14

Incorporate music and movement by hosting a praise and worship dance party. Let the children express their love for God through dance, using contemporary Christian music that resonates with their age group.

3. Creation Art Workshop

Age Range: 2-14

Explore the beauty of God's creation through an art workshop. Provide materials for children to create their interpretations of the world, emphasizing the divine touch in every aspect of nature.

4. Prayer Journaling

Age Range: 4-14

Supply each child with a personal prayer journal. Guide them in expressing their thoughts, feelings, and prayers through drawings and words. This practice helps build a foundation for a meaningful relationship with God.

5. Fruit of the Spirit Garden

Age Range: 2-14

Teach the Fruit of the Spirit by creating a "garden" where each fruit represents a positive trait. Discuss the significance of cultivating these qualities in their lives as they watch their spiritual garden flourish.

6. Parable Puppet Theater

Age Range: 1-14

Bring parables to life through puppetry. Have children create puppets representing characters from various parables, and then let them perform their own puppet shows. This activity helps children understand the profound lessons found in Jesus' parables in a creative and engaging way.

7. Scripture Memory Games

Age Range: 4-14

Turn scripture memorization into a fun challenge. Use games like "Memory," "Simon Says," or "Musical Chairs" with a twist – each eliminated player must recite a scripture verse before leaving the game. This not only promotes Bible memorization but also adds an element of excitement.

8. Missionary Adventure Simulation

Age Range: 5-14

Transform the children's ministry into a missionary adventure. Create an imaginary journey where kids travel to different "countries" to learn about various cultures and share the gospel. This activity promotes a global perspective on faith and encourages a heart for missions.

So, you have your Children's Ministry ideas planned out...

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