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10 Easter crafts for your church nursery

Celebrate Easter with crafts for your littlest members

Easter is a joyous time for Christians around the world. As the Easter season approaches, the air is filled with excitement and anticipation, especially in church nurseries where little ones are eager to explore and create. Whether you're a nursery volunteer or a parent looking for ideas to share with your church community, here are 10 delightful Easter craft ideas perfect for church nurseries.


10 fun and engaging Easter church nursery crafts


1. Egg Carton Chicks

Age Range: 2-6

Transform ordinary egg cartons into adorable little chicks! Cut out sections of an egg carton to create individual compartments. Then, let the children paint the compartments yellow (or any springtime color of their choice!) and add googly eyes, beaks, and even tiny feather details. These cute chicks can be a reminder of new life, just like the resurrection story.

2. Easter Egg Sun Catchers

Age Range: 2-8

Brighten up those nursery windows with colorful Easter egg sun catchers. Cut out egg shapes from colorful tissue paper or translucent sheets. Have the children decorate their egg shapes with stickers, crayons, or other fun art supplies. Once they're done, laminate or cover them with clear contact paper and attach string for hanging. When the sun shines through, the nursery will be filled with a vibrant display of Easter joy.

3. Creation Art Workshop

Age Range: 2-14

Explore the beauty of God's creation through an art workshop. Provide materials for children to create their interpretations of the world, emphasizing the divine touch in every aspect of nature.

4. Easter Bunny Masks

Age Range: 2-8

Get ready for some hoppy fun with Easter bunny masks! Provide children with pre-cut mask shapes or plain paper plates. Assist them in decorating the masks with cotton balls, markers, and construction paper for ears and whiskers. Once the masks are complete, watch as the nursery fills with giggles and bunny hops.

5. Stained Glass Crosses

Age Range: 2-10

Create beautiful stained glass crosses to symbolize Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Cut out cross shapes from construction paper or cardstock. Then, provide children with colored tissue paper squares or torn pieces. Assist them in gluing the tissue paper onto the crosses to create a vibrant stained glass effect. Hang these crosses in the nursery windows to catch the light and illuminate the room with hope.

6. Easter Story Bracelets

Age Range: 4-10

Help children remember the Easter story with simple story bracelets. Provide colorful beads representing different elements of the story, such as purple for Jesus' sacrifice, yellow for the resurrection, and green for new life. Guide the children in stringing the beads onto elastic cord and tying the ends to create bracelets. As they wear their bracelets, they can retell the Easter story to friends and family.

7. Empty Tomb Diorama

Age Range: 4-14

Help children visualize the empty tomb with an empty tomb diorama craft. Provide small shoebox-sized containers, modeling clay, small stones, and small action figures resembling biblical characters. Instruct the children to mold the clay to form the tomb, placing small stones at the entrance. As they create their dioramas, share the story of the empty tomb and the resurrection.

8. Lamb Finger Puppet

Age Range: 3-10

Engage nursery children in making adorable lamb finger puppets with cotton balls, googly eyes, felt, and glue. Cut out simple lamb shapes from felt and let the children attach cotton balls to create a fluffy texture. As they assemble their finger puppets, share age-appropriate stories about Jesus being the Good Shepherd and the Lamb of God.

9. Egg Shaker Maracas

Age Range: 0-4

Get ready to make some joyful noise with egg shaker maracas! Fill plastic eggs with rice, dried beans, or small bells and securely tape them shut. (If you're doing this craft with younger children, make sure to do this step first to eliminate any choking risks.) Then, let the children decorate the eggs with stickers, markers, or paint. Once decorated, they can shake their maracas to the beat of Easter hymns or songs, celebrating the joyous occasion.

10. Handprint Easter Cards

Age Range: 0-14

Encourage children to spread Easter cheer by making handprint Easter cards. Provide cardstock or construction paper folded in half. Assist the children in dipping their hands into washable paint and making handprints on the front of the cards. Once dry, they can add details like bunny ears, chicks, or flowers using markers or stickers. These personalized cards make heartfelt gifts for family members or church friends.


So, you have your Easter church nursery crafts planned out...

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