How To Provide Child Care At Georgia Preschools

Learn how getting your DECAL Badge can help you provide child care as a substitute at Georgia preschools and early learning centers.


Earning a DECAL Badge takes your child care to the next level.

It clears you to provide child care in professional settings at preschools and early learning centers in Georgia.


If you want to gain experience in working with children in preschools, then the DECAL Badge is for you.

What is the DECAL Badge?

  • You can earn the DECAL Badge on the SitterTree app. It shows that you, as a child care provider, are eligible to pick up jobs at preschools and early learning centers in Georgia.
  • DECAL stands for Department of Early Care and Learning. This agency is is responsible for meeting the child care and early education needs of Georgia's children and their families.
  • Getting a DECAL Badge means you have cleared the DECAL Background Check as required by the state of Georgia to provide child care in preschools and early learning centers. Note: This badge is for Georgia-based providers only.


Why should I get my DECAL Badge?

  • Most schools and learning centers offer a minimum rate of $17/hr, and longer hours. That means jobs pay more.
  • You can book jobs in professional environments at Georgia preschools and early learning centers.
  • You can become a substitute care provider.
  • You can secure part-time and/or full-time care jobs.
  • You can earn valuable classroom experience. This is important if you're earning a degree in Early Childhood Education, Nursing, Special Education, or Psychology.


I’m in. How do I get started?

Glad you asked. It’s SO simple…and takes less than 30 minutes total.

  1. Complete a five-minute call with SitterTree Support to register.
  2. Get fingerprinted at a site near you.
  3. Apply to preschool or early learning center jobs in Georgia!

Schedule a call with Support to get started. 

Sitter Badges are hands-down the most effective way to market your skills and maximize your income on the SitterTree app. 🙌

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