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Is A Babysitter Subscription Plan Right For You?

Discover the benefits of Sitter Pass

Sitter Pass is SitterTree’s monthly babysitting subscription. If you book more than one sitter each month, it saves you money. 

A Sitter Pass subscription allows families to book unlimited sitters for a flat rate of just $30/month. With a standard SitterTree membership, booking fees are $20/sitter.

That means after just two babysitter bookings, your Sitter Pass has already paid for itself. 

Sitter Pass is perfect for families who:

  • Book recurring sitters. If your family could use a little extra support for date nights, after school care, or some self-care time, Sitter Pass is for you. Remember: it takes a village, and you deserve to fill your own cup. You don’t need to ‘earn’ you time.  
  • Need last-minute bookings. Maybe your little one woke up six times last night instead of their usual two—you need an impromptu self-care day, or at least a solo coffee date. Maybe—after several weeks of Instacart grocery orders—your heart needs to pick avocados to your preferred ripeness. Go ahead and book a sitter for whatever your needs are…without worrying about extra fees. 
  • Like saving money! Even if you don’t plan to need a sitter more than once a month, life happens. When you upgrade to Sitter Pass, you save money after booking just two babysitters per month. 

Let’s be real: you spend all day tending to the needs of your little ones. 

Whether you work from home, work in the office, or wear the many hats of a stay-at-home mom, the mental load of motherhood never takes a break. 

Sitter Pass gives you the freedom to take a breather as often as you need—without the fuss of additional fees…and with the confidence you’re booking an experienced, quality sitter. 



Still wondering if Sitter Pass is right for you?

Chat with our Support team and we'll help you determine which plan makes sense for your family. 


Curious why booking fees exist? Learn more.

TLDR: They ensure you have access to verified sitters and quality customer support.

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