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How your sitter profile can help you book more jobs 

Great sitter bios like these help you book more jobs.

Book more jobs by perfecting your child care profile.

You’ve downloaded the SitterTree app (oh hey, Android users!) and your profile has been successfully vetted. Congratulations! We’re so happy to have you. 

Now, learn how your sitter profile can help you book more jobs.

One of the best parts of using SitterTree to find and book child care jobs is that you work for yourself. You essentially run your own business now—go you! You have the freedom to set your own schedule and pick up jobs that are best suited for you.

But, like every good businessperson knows, marketing is crucial to your success.

As a sitter, your best marketing tool is your profile.


Your profile is your chance to present yourself as the qualified child care provider that you are.

There are two key components to making your SitterTree sitter profile shine.

The winning sitter profile formula is:

Professional photo

+ Thoughtful bio

= More money in your pocket

Properly caring for your own sitter profile shows parents the level of care and detail you’ll put in when sitting for their kiddos

With a knockout profile, you’re more likely to:

  • Book MORE jobs
  • Book higher-paying jobs
  • Book recurring jobs as a Favorite sitter


Here’s how to crush the profile game and book more jobs than ever.


1. Perfect your photo

Your profile photo is your first impression.

We love a good selfie for Instagram, but think of your SitterTree profile as more like LinkedIn. Your goal is to present yourself as the professional, friendly babysitter that you are.

We suggest grabbing a friend and stepping outside for a quick photoshoot.

If you have an iPhone, set it to Portrait or Natural Light mode. Have your friend photograph you from the shoulders up.

Smile bright and radiate warmth! Ask your friend to take multiple photos—you should feel confident and qualified! We know you’ve got that new sitter glow.

Whether you’re taking a new photo or using one you already have, here are our top tips:
  • Solo is best. You should be the only person in the photo. Don’t leave parents wondering who’s showing up to sit for their kids! Leave any kiddos out—protecting their privacy is important.
  • Stay away from selfies. That means selfies of all kinds—car selfies, mirror selfies, etc. Steer clear of filters (sorry not sorry, puppy face filters), and photos of photos (like a picture of your ID card).  
  • Show your beautiful face! Make sure you’re not wearing sunglasses, a hat, or a mask for the shot. When your face is clearly visible, it helps build trust with parents. 
  • Wear a ‘sitter casual’ outfit. Dress in something you’d wear to lunch with your aunt—not on a bachelorette trip.
  • Stand the proper distance from the camera. A shoulders-up shot is ideal! Full body photos are usually too far away. If needed, you can always crop and zoom in on your face.
  • And of course, smile! It goes a long way in showing parents how friendly, warm and fun you are. 

2. Make your sitter bio sing

Your bio is your opportunity to show parents what makes you uniquely qualified. 

When writing your bio, think about your experience.

Then, try to answer answer some of these questions:

  • What age children are you experienced with? Are there age ranges you prefer? If you have a knack for getting infants to nap, say so! If you’re a math tutor on the side, parents definitely want to know. 
  • How did you get started babysitting, and how many years have you been doing so? You don’t have to write a novel, but getting specific shows parents you’re the real deal.
  • What do you enjoy most about babysitting? Maybe it’s helping with homework, creating fun activities, or (gasp!) taking over bedtime duties. Showing a little personality goes a long way. 

Once you've got pen to paper, we recommend:

  • Limiting your bio to a short paragraph. Three to five sentences is the sweet spot. Beyond that, you start to lose folks—no matter how interesting your story is.
  • Double checking spelling and grammar. Errors make perfectly qualified sitters come off as unprofessional. Download an app like Grammarly, or have that friend with the journalism degree give it a read-through!
  • Avoiding list formats (like a resume) and leaving personal information (like your age and contact info) off. 
Here are some examples of stellar sitter profiles, with great photos and bios.
Sitter Profile Blog (2)
Sitter Profile Blog

Et voilà! Now that you have a bangin’ bio and a proper photo, you’re on your way to making more money babysitting than ever. 

So: who’s ready for a photoshoot and a free-write sesh?

Time to show off what makes you amazing—you deserve it!

You’re on a roll.

Now is a great time to start earning Sitter Badges.

Sitter Badges appear on your profile and show parents your unique skills. They're another asset to help you book MORE jobs…and higher-paying jobs, at that!

Earn Sitter Badges for skills you already have, or take the opportunity to learn something new—boosting your value as a babysitter. Sitter Badges include CPR certification, Sexual Abuse Prevention Training, special needs certifications, and more.

Many Badges are quick and easy to earn—they’re the cherry on top of your newly minted sitter profile.

If you have any questions, we're more than happy to help. Our team of specialists is on-hand 24/7. 

Not to brag, but we’re pretty good with names. As in, we're on a first name basis with every sitter on the app. We’d absolutely love to learn yours and get to know you better.

Call SitterTree Support with questions.

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