What are Bookings?

Bookings are our placement fees. When joining SitterTree, your family purchases individual bookings or a Sitter Pass based on your unique sitting needs. Individual bookings may be used to book a sitter for up to 12 consecutive hours.


What are Sitter Bucks?

Sitter Bucks are reward dollars that can be applied to your next sitter payment.  Earn $30 Sitter Bucks when your friends book their first sitter.


How are sitters paid?

Families pay SitterTree, and we take care of the rest!  At the end of each job, your sitter will send you a summary of the hours worked.  She has up to 24 hours to do this.  Once you receive the summary, you have 24 hours to approve or dispute the sitter's hours.  After 24 hours, the job will automatically close and your card on file will be charged according to the sitter's summary.  If you dispute the sitter's hours, your card will be charged for the booked time and any additional hours will be reviewed before a charge is made.


Can I pay my sitter with cash or another app?

Nope.  Per our Terms, SitterTree requires all sitter payments and tips to be made through the SitterTree app. While we don't like to charge extra fees, direct payment to a sitter can result in a $300 circumvention fee.


Am I expected to tip?

SitterTree does not have a set policy on tipping, but who doesn’t like a tip? The majority of our families indicated they tip some amount.  Some round up, others use a percentage, while some don't tip at all.  It's up to you!


What is the three-hour minimum?

SitterTree requires a minimum of three hours to be booked for any job.  The minimum booking accommodates sitters for their drive time and allows us to keep filling jobs!


What if we want to stay out later? Come home earlier?

Most sitters have flexible schedules and are generally happy to stay longer. Please communicate with the sitter before extending your time, in case she has other plans. If extending, you will be responsible to pay the sitter for the additional hours. If you happen to come home earlier than the time booked, you will be charged for the full amount of time originally booked. Our sitters have set this time aside for your family we want to be sure they are compensated accordingly.


Does SitterTree offer refunds?

Per our Terms, SitterTree subscriptions are non-refundable unless your account meets the following requirements:

  • You have not made any bookings since the latest renewal
  • Your latest account charge was made within the past 30 days

Note: A 3.5% processing fee will be subtracted from all subscription refunds  (monthly or yearly).