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How are sitters paid?

At the end of each job, SitterTree will charge your card on file to pay your sitter(s).  Within 24 hours after a job has ended, our sitter will send you a summary of the hours worked.  You then have 48 hours to approve or dispute the sitter's hours.  If no action is taken after 48 hours, SitterTree will automatically close the job and your card will be charged according to the sitter's summary.  If you dispute the sitter's hours, your card will be charged for the originally booked time and any additional hours will be reviewed before a charge is made.


How much are sitters paid?

SitterTree sets a minimum hourly rate for each job.  You may increase the hourly rate at your discretion.  We recommend setting higher hourly rates for holiday jobs.  All jobs require a minimum of three hours.


Are we expected to tip?

There is no set expectation, but who doesn’t like a tip? Sitters receive tips from the majority of SitterTree families. Some round up, others use a percentage, while some don't tip at all.  It's up to you!


Do we need to collect W-9 Forms from sitters?

No.  SitterTree manages all payment and tax reporting for all sitters.