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Recurring Sitters

Recurring Sitters - Book the same sitter every week!

Can I book the same sitter for multiple days each week?

Yes.  Purchase a Sitter Pass and select "Recurring Job" when booking your sitter.  Be sure to set a competitive hourly rate.  Sitters apply to jobs based on the hourly rate, location, and availability.


How far in advance should I book a sitter?

Finding the right fit in a weekly sitter takes time - for families and sitters.  We recommend posting jobs up to 2 weeks in advance to give applicants plenty of time to apply and make necessary scheduling preparations.


How do I book the same sitter each week?

Consistency is important to everyone. Many sitter schedules change each semester due to class schedules, extracurricular activities, and other babysitting jobs. Increase the likelihood of booking a consistent sitter by:

  • Review sitters and select Favorite sitters. Favorite sitters are notified first when your family posts a job.
  • Be kind. Surveyed sitters reported “kindness” is the thing they value most.
  • Post jobs at least two days in advance.


Can I interview my sitter before making a selection?

Yes. To interview a sitter, book the sitter for at least one job in your recurring series.  Once you have booked the sitter, use chat to request a phone or virtual interview. If it's not a fit, cancel the job or contact Support for assistance.


Are sitters allowed to drive my child/pet?

SitterTree recommends that families and groups do not permit or instruct any sitter to drive your child or pet.


What should I expect from a sitter with regards to clean up?

Every family is different. Clearly share your clean up expectations with sitters in your profile and upon arrival.  Additional responsibilities should be negotiated and agreed to with your sitter in advance of the job.


Should I provide meals for my sitter?

Use job notes or chat to communicate with your sitter about meal plans in advance. This will ensure your sitter is prepared.


How do I ensure my job will be filled?

Sitter applications depend on availability, hourly rate, location - and how far in advance you post the job. Post recurring jobs in advance and set a competitive hourly rate to attract applicants.


How long will it take for sitters to apply to my job posting?

Recurring jobs often require up to two weeks for sitters to plan their schedules. Check the status of your jobs at any time on your Upcoming Jobs page in the app. Turn on notifications to be kept informed about applicants.


When should I contact SitterTree Support?

SitterTree Support is available seven days a week to assist with questions regarding the app, posting jobs, booking sitters, cancellations, and Sitter Passes.