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Cancellations happen. But, they shouldn’t happen often. Cancellations affect how families view SitterTree's reliability. Cancellations are reserved for cases of illness or emergency.  SitterTree reserves the right to deactivate a sitter's account at any time, without notice, due to cancellations.


What if I need to cancel a job?

Always cancel on the app first.  Cancel as soon as you know you will not be able to make the job.  (Do not wait to see if you might feel better.) In the case of a last-minute cancellation, cancel on the app, then contact SitterTree Support.


Will I be charged for canceling a job?

Yes, you will be charged the following rates for cancellations:

  • $10 – Cancellation made anytime after assignment
  • $20 – Cancellation made within 12 hours of job start
  • $25 – Cancellations made within 3 hours of job start
  • $35 –Cancellations made within 1 hour of job start
  • $45 – Cancellation made after a job has started


What is considered a last-minute cancellation?

A last-minute cancellation is any cancellation made within 12 hours of a job start time.


What if I am ill/have an emergency and need to cancel last-minute?

As with all cancellations, always cancel on the app first.  Do not wait until right before the job, hoping you will feel better. After canceling on the app, text SitterTree Support

  • If your illness or an emergency affects multiple upcoming bookings within 48-72 hours, it will be counted as one cancellation. (For example, Susie canceled her Tuesday job due to illness. After a doctor's appointment, she was diagnosed with the flu. As a result, Susie had to cancel her Thursday and Friday jobs. All three cancellations will be counted as one cancellation.)
  • If you cancel last-minute (within 12 hours) due to illness or emergency, SitterTree Support may remove you from any/all upcoming jobs within 48-72 hours.


What happens if my account is terminated due to multiple cancellations?

If a sitter's account is deactivated due to repeat cancellations, SitterTree Support will cancel all future jobs the sitter has booked.


Will I be paid if a family cancels on me?

You bet... as long as you are on time.  You will receive the following payment less referral and processing fees if a family cancels within three hours of your job.

  • $25 – Cancellations made within 3 hours of job start
  • $35 –Cancellations made within 1 hour of job start
  • $45 – Cancellation made after a job has started*

*If you are late to a job, you will forfeit all cancellation fees.